Everyone Can Bolt / Semua Boleh Bolt with PUMA evoSPEED

Apa itu??? What is that??? 
Semua Boleh Bolt / Everyone Can Bolt with evoSPEED PUMA 
Like that, I also want to BOLT la...

Finally, PUMA is proud to introduce evoSPEED, the groundbreaking performance collection that for the first time in the Sportlifestyle brand’s history, features product offerings for all PUMA sport categories.

Designed under the criteria of “light, flex, and fit”, all evoSPEED footwear features lightweight materials, increased flexibility and an optimized fit that enables a greater freedom of movement without compromising support, to enhance speed.

The cast for the Semua Boleh Bolt Video
Front row, from left: Dinesh Andre Das, James Baum (PUMA Friend), K. Reuben (PUMA Friend) 
Back row, from left: Manimaran Ambalaghan, Mahali Jasuli (PUMA Friend), Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (PUMA Friend), Sheryl Wong, Puma Malaysia General Manager; Baddrol Bakthiar, (PUMA Friend), 
DJ Anowl (PUMA Friend) and Sanjay Ramanaidu 

With the theme ‘Semua Boleh Bolt’, a reflection of worldwide promotion ‘Everyone Can Bolt’, the campaign surrounds an 8-minute viral video in which depicts life of a failing security guard who eventually excels in his career thanks to the evoSPEED range. Malaysia’s number one goalkeeper, 23-year-old Khairul Fahmi Che Mat; Inspires Fastest Performance Products in the ‘Year of Speed’ evoSPEED. 

Khairul Fahmi acting with other Puma Friends in 8-mins Semua Boleh Bolt video 
Can security guard Khairul Fahmi act??? Can he Bolt??? check out it out here...

The actors of the Semua Boleh Bolt video which is now circulating in YouTube including radio DJ Phat Fabes, singer James Baum, actor Zain Saidin, Drum n Bass DJ Anowl, One FM radio DJ Nicholas Ong and many others.

 From left: Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Kelantan and National Team Goal Keeper; Sheryl Wong, 
Puma Malaysia General Manager; and Baddrol Bakthiar, Kedah FA Captain

“And for many Malaysian playing football, motorsports activities or running at one of many annual marathons is a part of their lives,” said General Manager of Puma Malaysia, Sheryl Wong. “Based on its characteristics of the shoe of being light, flex and fit, we wanted to show it in a manner that would appeal to Malaysians,” said Sheryl when asked to comment about the Semua Boleh Bolt video.

 Baddrol Bakthiar and Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Meanwhile, Puma introduced its new Puma friend into the fray being it Kedah captain Baddrol Bakhtiar. Baddrol and Khairul Fahmi will be using the new evoSPEED wear in their respective events. The evoSPEED styles is currently worn by PUMA’s key athletes in running (Usain Bolt), football (Sergio Aguero and Mario Gomez), motorsport (Fernando Alonso) and golf (Rickie Fowler).

The evoSPEED collection will be available in end July 2012 at selected Puma Stores, Al-Ikhsan, Royal Sporting House and other authorised dealers nationwide.

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  1. i think fahmi is so cute with his nepalese slang. he can act too..hahaa

    1. Hi Devi, me non stop laughing when i watch the video. funny


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