Aviator Official Timepiece Sponsor of One Fighting Championship 2012

Aviator Bristol

Aviator proud to be the official timepiece sponsor of One Fighting Championship 2012 held in at Kuala Lumpur on 23 June 2012 at Stadium Negara for a night of action filled excitement and unrelenting adrenaline rushes.

ONE Fighting Championship is Asia's largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization, featuring the best Asian fighters and the largest pan-Asian media broadcast. MMA fans satiated their hunger as champions from around the world competed for honour and glory in no-holds-barred steel cages.

What makes a watch an icon?
The appeal of an enduring design?
Its timeless ability to survive through changing trends?
A continuing association with its origins and aeronautical fighting spirit?

In the case of Aviator’s Bristol timepiece. The conception of the Bristol is an interesting tale. Born in Russia, the Bristol watch is a response to Bristol fighter pilots who needed a robust wristwatch to monitor the time mid-battle when pocket watches no longer suffice. The original featured unusual lugs and a resolutely round shape reminiscent of the aircraft’s cockpit. 

These are some of the fighters...

 Adam Kayoom

 Marcos Escobar

 Mitch Chilson

Arnaud Lepont

Aviator has clearly journeyed through time since its inception that mirrors the progression of aircrafts from gliders to supersonic planes. From its humble beginning as a robust wristwatch to the precision instrument of choice for MIG pilots, Aviator is paying tribute to these legendary planes with each subsequent incarnation.

Over the decades, Aviator has been used by many people in extreme professions: such as military, rescuers and pilots – as well as horology aficionados – building an excellent reputation in Europe, America and Asia. A proud stance is inevitable as its forms a symbiotic association with yet another extreme profession – One Fighting championship. 

Since 2011 Aviator watches have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland’s Canton of Jura – home of the watch making industry. This location facilitates collaboration with the highest quality suppliers enabling us to pursue our philosophy: to build reliable watches meeting the rigorous standards of time instruments, whilst combining original aviation designs.

Today, it embraces a new persona as it makes inroads into a fascinating new arena where pummelling your opponents is just the beginning of an evolving recreational pursuit that epitomises the oft quoted Darwinian catchphrase.

Aviator watches are exclusively available at Red Army Watches boutiques 
at Pavilion KL, 1 Utama and Tropicana City Mall

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