Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018 by Anchor Food Professionals

ANCHOR FOOD PROFESSIONALS Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018 is back to shape Malaysia’s future master chefs. Basically the Challenge is a four-day competition starting 13th till 16th March based on three categories namely Culinary, Cake and Pastries held at KDU University College at Utropolis Glenmarie, Shah Alam. I attended the first day Best Pastries challenge and now let’s check out the winner’s creations!

Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018 by Anchor Food Professionals

During this challenge, Culinary and Pastry maestros have been invited to form the luminary panel of judges with Chef Jean Francois Arnaud MOF serving as the Head Judge in Pastry Category, along with Chef Nazeri Ismail, and Chef Arthur Heng in this category.  In the Culinary Category, Chef Gerhard Albrecht serves as the Head Judge, along with Chef Fami Taufeq and Chef Sabri Hassan.

Anchor Food Professionals Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018
Best Pastries Winner, Pastry Chef Tan Chee Kit 

Each day of the challenge will see different contestants from different industries competing. Different finalists for each day, as they are from different channels, with daily prize giving. There are 3 categories (Culinary, Cake and Pastries) for 4 Channels:

Best Pastries – Bakery Channel (March 13) – 4 finalists
Best Cake – Bakery Channel (March 14) – 8 finalists
Best Cake – Hotel Channel (March 15) – 8 finalists
Best Culinary – Hotel Channel (March 16) – 7 finalists

Molten Salted Egg Croissant

In the Pastry Category the contestants are required to create a simple croissant and a Danish whereas under the Cake Category each contestant is required to create two types of cakes with Mango and Strawberry themes respectively.

In the Culinary Category the theme is Land and Sea of Malaysia with an inculcated twist of Modern French Cuisine. Contestants are required to prepare a 3-course meal based on the theme and criteria given.

Best Pastry – Bakery Challenge Category on 13th of March Competing Chefs

There are 26 finalists competing in this Challenge in all three categories separately. The first prize for each category includes prizes worth RM5,000, a medal and certificate, second prize includes prizes worth RM3,000, a medal and certificate and finally, third place includes prizes worth RM2,000, a medal and certificate.

The participants of the competition will make full use of Anchor’s leading products in the diary segment namely Anchor Cream Cheese, Anchor Butter Sheet, Anchor Butter, Anchor UHT Milk, Anchor Whipping Cream, and Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream.

7 types of croissants, 1 plain, 3 sweet and 3 savoury by Pastry Chef Tan Chee Kit, the winner of Best Pastries of
Anchor Food Professionals Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018

For the Best Pastry – Bakery Category on 13th of March, the competing chefs are required to prepare:

1. Chef’s signature croissant
Just a plain croissant without filling to be judged on layering, fragrant or taste of the fermented dough and texture of the finished product.

2. Types of Danish based on the following
Participants can use a single dough or variety of dough for all the danishes. Participants are expected to innovate with flavoured dough or flavoured Anchor Butter Sheet.

Each chef will have 5 hours to create all baked goods using Anchor products such as Anchor Cream Cheese, Anchor Butter Sheet, Anchor Butter, Anchor UHT Milk, Anchor Whipping Cream and etc.

Best Pastries Winner of ANCHOR FOOD PROFESSIONALS Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018
Pastry Chef Tan Chee Kit 

The Best Pastries Winner of ANCHOR FOOD PROFESSIONALS Pastry and Culinary Challenge 2018 is Pastry Chef Tan Chee Kit. On that day, each contestants prepared 7 types of croissants, 1 plain, 3 sweet and 3 savour and his creations won the high scores. Congratulations!

Fish Scale Danish, Joyful Caramel Nuts and Creamy Fruits Basket Danishes by Pastry Chef Tan Chee Kit

During the interview session, Chef Tan Chee Kit from Penang with more than 17 years of baking experience shared with us that the taste, texture, colors, creativity and presentation are the winning factors. This is his second year joining the challenge and finally he won. I was amazed with his creativity and the details that he put in all his pastries creations. They are too pretty to eat, aren’t they?

Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2018 by Anchor Food Professionals

Well, competitions like this are important for the industry as it provides a platform for the sharing of experience and knowledge, nurturing the potential of Malaysia’s future culinary and pastry artisans and elevating the standards of the food & beverage industry.

Winning the category is a proud badge of recognition amongst peers and gives a leg-up to the finalists as this Challenge is highly regarded in the industry and is steered by a panel of judges considered the best in the industry.

For more about ANCHOR FOOD PROFESSIONALS Pastry and Culinary Challenge 2018, please check out Anchor Dairy Malaysia Facebook


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  3. Menarik hadiah yang ditawarkan. Tahniah untuk semua pemenang.
    Memang cantik hasilnya dan rasa sayang nak makan, hihi. Bukan mudah nak hasilkan hidangan sebegitu.

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