Taxi Tour to the South of Mauritius

The ideal setting for a paradise features tropical islands with white sandy beaches, palm trees dancing with the pleasant breeze, beach water reflecting the sun's brilliance just before dusk, and nature calling in the voices of bird songs. Mauritius ticks all these boxes to be named the rightful island paradise.

The diversity of the island's scenery spanning north to South is one of Mauritius' best features.

In contrast to the north of Mauritius, renowned for warm beaches, bustling urban lifestyle, and local cuisines, the South has much more to offer for nature and history lovers.

The area is notable for its raw hilly terrains that provide breathtaking views of sandy beaches flanked by rocky shorelines, astonishing geological marvels, spectacular waterfalls, and lush vegetation that extends as far as the horizon.

The possibilities are too much to overwhelm anyone on a brief trip. Therefore, the article provides a shortlisted itinerary of the south island tour to give you a clear picture. The tour is carefully designed to cover all aspects of a perfect trip - Historical and cultural sights, beach escapades, natural wonders, and delicious cuisines. 

10 Places to Visit during Taxi Tour to South Mauritius

Warm up the tour by visiting the mythical volcano of Trou Aux Cerfs

Mauritius came into existence by spilling and accumulating molten lava into the Indian Ocean millions of years ago. However, since then, the earth has registered no volcanic activity in the region. Trou Aux Cerfs, located in the Curepipe area, is a cone-shaped crater that narrates the story of the island's origination. Geologists say the volcano is inactive but might erupt in the next 500 years. Till then, the site offers splendid views of dense vegetation, Crater Lake, and mountain ranges.

Take an educational excursion at Bois Cheri Tea Factory & Museum

Relish a lovely tour of the tea factory while learning about the origins of the tea business on the island. Le Domaine de Bois Chéri is a 250-hectare tea and museum estate situated in the middle of an enormous cane field approximately 12 kilometers north of Rivière des Anguilles. The tour is incomplete without tasting the finest of tea, learning the tea-making process, and then buying tea to present as gifts back home. Do not forget to visit the Tea Museum on your way out, which showcases colonial-era tea-brewing equipment and machines.

Discover the Hindu culture around the lake of Grand Bassin

The Crater Lake, located in a remote highland location, is regarded as the sacred lake of Mauritius. Grand Bassin, Mauritius' largest natural lake, is encircled by Hindu temples and deity sculptures in vibrant colors. Hindus revere it as sacred because they believe the lake came into existence when Shiva spilt water droplets from the Ganges River in India. Black River Gorges National Park, the world's largest natural reserve, becomes a must-visit if you come this close to it.

Satisfy the taste buds in the lap of nature at Varangue Sur Morne 

Varangue Sur Morne offers a delectable three-course meal with a spectacular view of the natural environment. The restaurant has a colonial theme, rustic decor, and a spacious patio with breathtaking views and vintage vibes. The restaurant provides a beautiful opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal that combines regional, oriental, European, and fusion dishes.

Interact with marine life amid the glistening blue waters of Benitiers Island and the rugged mountains of Le Morne Brabant

It will need a boat ride to get to Benitiers Island, a 160-acre tropical island with pristine beaches and coconut groves. Stop by the nearby lagoon to uncover the underwater world before heading to the iconic Morne Brabant mountains. Unleash the tragic past of Le Morne Brabant, where enslaved people plunged to their deaths from the cliff out of fear of being hauled back to enslavement when some men were climbing the mountain to tell them about the abolishment of slavery.

Click an Instagram-worthy picture from Maconde Viewpoint

The Coastal Road in Baie Du Cap is rated as the 10th most beautiful road in the world. Reason?

Maconde Viewpoint! 

The viewpoint is situated in the village of Baie du Cap, at a tight curve, and is reachable from the main road by a flight of stairs. Prepare to be stunned by one of the most stunning sights of your life, and make sure to capture the moment with your eyes and a camera lens. Your taxi will never miss out on this spot!

Explore hidden beach caves and secret waterfalls Gris-Gris and La Roche Qui Pleure 

Hit the shores if you are fed up with the chores

Gris-Gris is a place full of surprises for those who dare to explore. The beach escapade takes a spicy turn for those who decide to take matters into their own hands and embark on an adventure to explore beach caves and secret waterfalls.

You must see the La Roche Qui Pleure cliff before leaving Gris-Gris. It gets its name from the waves crashing on the rock. One of the rocks at this location has been worn by the waves into the shape of a man's face, earning it the nickname "Crying Rock."

Behold the exquisite natural beauty of Chamarel Waterfalls and Seven-Coloured Earth

A taxi in Mauritius will take around 30 minutes to take you to the next stop - The Chamarel Waterfalls and the Seven-Colored Earth. The Chamarel Waterfall is known as Mauritius' tallest waterfall, with a 100-meter-high thunderous rush of water. It is where the movie "Jurassic Park" was filmed. It deserves this distinction for its spectacular natural setting amidst much greenery. It is neighbored by a rare geological phenomenon of seven-coloured dunes, which is said to have resulted from the cooling of volcanic lava at different temperatures.

Learn about the sugar plantation and delicious rum at Saint Aubin House

The sugar plant owner who used to grow sugar cane and process it to yield a sugar and delicious rum owned Saint Aubin House - A historic house adjacent to the factory.

Here you get to taste the traditional rum produced on-site for visitors, interact with animals on the mini farm, learn about vanilla greenhouses and their journey from flower to aromatic pod, and enjoy dinner in a colonial setting at Le Saint Aubin Restaurant.

Enter the world of giant tortoises and crocodiles at La Vanille Nature Park 

La Vanille Nature Park has the world's largest captive population of Aldabra tortoises, while the crocodile farm is another major draw. Additionally, it has a unique collection of over 23,000 kinds of insects from throughout the world in its insectarium. A large-screen aquarium for an undersea journey provides nature lovers with a refreshing change of view. Remember to enjoy a delicious menu at the Hungry Crocodile restaurant, where you may order crocodile meat to end the south tour on a high note.

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