Tips to Help you Stay Fit and Healthy when Travelling to Somewhere New

Travelling to a new place can be a daunting task.  There is so much to think about, you need to pack all your stuff, get your travel plans in place, and of course make sure you have your list of top sights to see in place.  As such staying fit and healthy can end up at the bottom of your list of things to take care of.  Here we have put some tips together as to how you can keep things going when you get to your new destination.  

Tips to Help you Stay Fit and Healthy when Travelling to Somewhere New
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Get a Tribe 

Finding your tribe is always important when it comes to fitness and wellbeing.  Why not scout about some of the local Facebook groups they may be a part of? There’s usually lots associated with health and wellbeing, and it’s a great way to connect to people you may not have otherwise encountered, especially if you might be there for a long time.  If your thing is cold water swimming, for example, it could be that people recommend specific events - or you could buddy up with people and make new friends.  Once you have your tribe - you will definitely feel more motivated. 

Do Online Classes until you Find a Gym

Until you find your favourite local health hangouts, there are loads of online fitness classes you can do.  Yoga is always a popular one, and you can even do a search in your local area to see if there are any teachers or trainers that are doing online classes you can get involved in.  This means you will have time to get yourself settled in your new home and keep fit in the meantime.  Make sure you also check to see if there are pay as you go options at the local gyms.  It could be that you fit in some sessions.    

Make Sure you Have Health Insurance

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your health when you are in another country, but making sure you have the right medical travel insurance in place.  This will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that you will be covered in terms of cost should you need any medical attention.  It’s stressful enough being ill when you are somewhere you aren’t familiar with - so at least you will know that this is sorted. 

Scout out the Healthy Restaurants

Why not do a little bit of research before you go abroad to see if there are any healthy restaurants that are worth paying a visit?  You can use tools such as TripAdvisor to get an idea as to how other peoples’ experiences were when they visit the restaurant as well as info on how varied the menu choice is and how much it would cost.  Keep up the healthy eating habits even when you are away.

Get a Routine in Place

Putting a routine in place is critical to making sure you stick to a plan. Before you go, get an idea as to when you might be free to do some exercise, or any local beaches there may be where you can go for a run, and set some time aside for that. 

Travelling is always a fun experience, but you don’t want to sacrifice your health and wellbeing.  Have a look at some of these options and try to put them in place in time for you going.  Doing your research before you go is always key.  

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