6 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Matter

Christmas is around the corner once again, and you have to do gift shopping for the special people in your life. Whether it’s your workmate, friend, family, or loved one, you may want to gift them something they will love. And what could be better than giving them something specifically made for them?  

6 Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Matter 

Personalization has been an ongoing trend valued by many consumers, from fashion to novelty. Everyone appreciates unique and creatively crafted designs for them. For instance, shops like Shemediy and other custom product vendors will give you gift item choices. They’re a good start if you’re running low on holiday gift ideas this season.   

Read below to learn more gift ideas for those who matter in your life.  

1. Personalized Wooden Coasters  

Every household uses dishware sets for meals every day. Some may need to pay more attention to the usage of coasters for their glasses on the table. It’s time to address this need and provide a protective layer so their dining table won’t get scratched by the glasses.   

Whether you’re gifting someone single, living alone, or a family member, personalized wood coasters are great gift ideas. The wooden material looks elegant, like nothing else. They can easily pair whatever house theme and is sure to give more character to plain dishware sets. There are many ways to customize designs on these coasters. You can have the person’s initial printed on it or go for a picture or other graphic designs.   

2. Engraved Minimalist Wallet  

One of the modern trending types of wallets is the minimalist design. It’s perfect for those who want to carry lighter-weight accessories to store their essentials like cash and some vital credit cards. If you see some of your friends and family using this type of wallet, you’ll know they’ll appreciate it as another addition to their collection. Thus, you can have these metal card wallets engraved with their initials to provide a unique present this holiday season.  

3. Custom Printed Pillowcase  

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift idea for your special loved ones, these custom-printed pillowcases are best for them. You can choose from different types of pillowcases and choose one that is best suited for their living room or bedroom as a throw pillow.  

You can think of different print designs to elevate their pillowcase. It’s a great idea that takes it to a whole new level. Thus, you can print a family photo on the pillowcase, so they can display it in the living room, and their guests can see these family prints.   

4. Personalized Bracelets 

Gift someone with jewelry that makes a statement in their everyday lives. If you’re shopping for your special someone, personalized bracelets are fail-proof gift items you can give. They’re one of the must-have jewelry pieces that glam up any look. Some bracelets come in designs that are perfect for everyone. You can go for jewelry that’s made of silver, so it won’t rust.

There are other materials to consider, like leather. They are completely customized, so you can include whatever details you want. And finally, include their photo or some prints that will put a smile on their face every time they use and look at their bracelet.  

5. Apron  

Aprons make great holiday gifts too, and it’s suitable to give to anyone, especially the ones that truly matter. It can be unique if you have them custom-made. You can think of printing their names on it, initials, or other custom print designs that make it originally for them.   

Everyone would love having aprons as they perform house chores. The key is to choose an apron that provides comfort, function, and aesthetics. Choose to give each person the apron in their favorite color, and they’ll definitely love it. Amateur chefs will feel like pros wearing this apron as well.  

6. Scented Candles  

Scented candles are another fail-proof gift idea that many appreciate and love. Many people love to have a fragrant atmosphere wherever they’re staying. Give them personalized scented candles with their initials engraved on the glass. Choose the scent they love, and they’ll appreciate your gift. Don’t forget to wrap it in beautiful packaging to add more excitement to their experience. 


That wraps up some of the most brilliant custom gift ideas this holiday season. Whoever is on your Christmas list, you’ll surely find something useful to give based on the suggestions above. By giving them something customized and personalized gift, they’ll appreciate your time and effort in making it extra special.  

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