Male Celebrity Hairstyles That Anyone Can Copy

Almost all of today's A-list performers are instantly recognizable because of their distinctive looks. For instance, we recognize most of them from their distinctive clothing and accessories, such as a favorite hat, pair of spectacles, or certain styles of haircut.

Male Celebrity Hairstyles That Anyone Can Copy
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Most actors have varied haircuts because they often acquire new cuts before taking on prominent roles. While many actors change their hairstyles for different roles, few become instantly recognizable with only one cut. 

Check through our gallery of famous actors to get ideas for your next haircut.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor Ragnarok)

This modernized cut for Thor from Ragnarok is a buzz. The haircut is a "textured crop," which accurately describes the style. To achieve the hairstyle, ask your barber for Thor's short, spiky haircut from Ragnarok, where the sides are shaved, and the top is kept longer.

The Australian-born Hemsworth has inspired a wave of guys to try out his iconic hairstyle. The bright side is that anywhere in Australia, you can find a top-notch hairstylist capable of creating the look. The best in the business are hairdressers Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

For this style, your barber will probably use texturizing scissors or point cutting to add texture all over your head. Grow out the front left slightly to imitate Chris Hemsworth's Thor Ragnarok haircut and achieve his signature small flick in the front.

Use a heavy wax or cream to style your hair. Applying a matte hair product will give your hair a more natural appearance and add texture.

Ryan Gosling (La La Land)

Ryan Gosling's hair has gone long, blond, black, and buzzed over the years. However, Ryan Gosling wouldn't be Ryan Gosling in La La Land if he didn't sport a classic side-swept mid-length cut.

Many men want to get the same sleek haircut. Fortunately, we got the instructions to help you achieve Gosling's look in La la Land.

To get the look, get a scissor cut that leaves the top of your hair longer and the sides around two inches long. Next, to achieve a soft and natural look and feel on the sides, you should comb all the hair back and cut it down gradually, focusing on the ear area. Blend the sides and back in a diagonal stroke until they meet in the middle. 

Make sure to maintain a length of 3.5 inches in the front and 2 1/2 to 3 inches at the crown, cutting the hair in front shorter. Lastly, use a blow dryer to add volume and style to the hair and apply a styling cream.

Leonardo Dicaprio (Titanic)

In this movie, he had chestnut brown hair, which is Leonardo DiCaprio's natural hair color. Since he switched to a 3/7 part, Leonardo DiCaprio's titanic hairstyle has become one of the most recognizable looks in movies.

This particular men's haircut has caused quite a stir through the years. The mushroom cut was popular in the 1990s and was worn by the actors your girlfriend admired. Medium to thick hair is ideal for this style. It also works if your hair is straight.

To get the haircut from his Titanic character, keep your hair at a medium length and apply a product to give it hold and structure before you style it. The next step is to use a fine comb to smooth the hair to the back and one side. In this style, the hair is shaved short on the sides and parted in the middle.

Brad Pitt (Hollywood Sweep Haircut)

Brad Pitt has changed his hairstyles for a wide range of film roles. Moreover, Brad Pitt has worn a wide variety of styles outside of the Hollywood film industry. Recently, though, he has been seen with longer hair, either slicked back or worn in a more relaxed "bro flow."

This style works best with thick hair that has a moderate wave pattern. The hair on top should be between four and six inches long and left heavy with some texture.

The hairstyle requires the back and sides to be a minimum of three inches long so they can be swept back. Adding texture is necessary so your hair has movement and doesn't make you seem like a "Lego head." Request a longer, classic layered haircut with some texture and no harsh lines across the back and sides from your barber.

Your best bet here is to use the hairdryer. After washing your hair, spray it with texturizing spray and blow-dry it out using a vent brush. Apply a styling product that provides just enough hold to keep your hair in place but lets you run your fingers through it when it's nearly dry.

Final Thoughts

A great hairdo can significantly improve your overall style and bring your entire outfit together. If you want to change your appearance, there are numerous fashionable cuts for guys, but none are more fashionable than the ones we've discussed here that have been worn by famous actors.

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