Best Shoes To Wear With Dresses

Female fashion is massive. Thousands of new shoes and clothes are manufactured every year around the world to attract customers. With the ever expanding collections of women's clothes, the one clothing lineup that is still loved by all is the dress category. Dresses are one of the few all-season clothing. Thus, a woman's wardrobe is never complete without dresses, especially a Little Black Dress. But if you are a beginner or someone relatively new to the world of dresses, it can be extremely difficult in finding your perfect dress. An even more tough choice is matching these new dresses with various types of shoes. Hence, we have made this article to make you understand the different types of shoes and help you pick one that can be matched with different dresses and make sure you look stunning no matter the occasion.

Best Shoes To Wear With Dresses
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List Of Top Shoes To Wear With Dresses

Below is the list of shoes that we think are the best to be worn with dresses for all occasions. We have also mentioned a few dresses that we think go well with a particular shoe. Hence, if you are a complete beginner we've got you covered.

Open Toe Ankle Strap Heels

The Open Toe Ankle Strap Heels are more of a formal shoe on this list. These heels are recommended for your date nights and dinners, and other formal occasions. Hence all those formal glittery dresses and little black dresses are your best bet with this shoe. The ankle strap helps in keeping your heels in place whereas the open-toe provides breathability and also helps you show off your newly painted toe.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have been on the market for a very long time and are known mainly for their unique design. These boots are especially good with knee-length dresses and are also one of the most preferred choices for little black dresses. Ankle boots come in various heel sizes, styles, and colors. My favorite is the solid black chunky-heel ankle boots. What's your favorite style? 

Knit Heels

Knit heels are unique to the market, mostly because these shoes have knitted uppers, which itself makes them a must-have shoe for women. They are skin-friendly and breathable, making them one of the comfiest shoes on this list.

If you are interested in knit heels, one of the top sellers that instantly comes to my mind is BURUDANI that provides a wide range of comfortable knit heels for women. Though there aren't as many sellers for quality knit heels, BURUDANI Shoes are definitely trustworthy, and their shoes are made of high quality materials. Once you get a first-hand experience with these shoes, these knit heels could become your potential choice for business dresses.

Pointed Toe Flats

Flats are for people who don't prefer heels. With flats, you need not worry about twisting your ankle and falling if you are someone like me who has little to no knowledge of how to walk in heels. These pointed toe flats are a nice choice for below knee dresses. The addition of the pointed toe to your flats will not only enhance your style but will also make you stand out from the crowd when paired with a proper dress.


Not many people know this, but sneakers match really great with dresses, especially long summer dresses. Sneakers are famous for their aesthetics and easy-going look. If you want something casual and friendly looking to pair with your dresses, sneakers are the ones you should match with. Sneakers being able to be matched with many female clothes is an added bonus as you can use these shoes for more than just dresses.

Lace-Up Knee High boots

Another all-season boot on our list is the lace-up knee-high boots. The knee-high boots, because they reach up to the knee, are great not just for summer but for winter as well. Additionally, the lace-up design, as compared to the normal zipper-style knee-high boots will give you a sturdy and tight fitting boot without compromising on the style.

Ballet Flats

Another addition to your collection of flats is the ballet flats. As the name suggests, these shoes are very similar to your ballet dance shoes, the only difference being a thicker sole on the flats. Hence, if you need a no-nonsense shoe that is simple in looks and extremely comfy to be worn for a long period of time, get a ballet flat right away.

High Heel Pumps

Every woman owns a little black dress, and one of the most recommended shoes for the LBD is the pumps. This naturally makes high heel pumps a must have for every woman. The high heels not only increase your height but also give you a confident look in nature. Hence, these shoes are great for occasions like late night parties and such.


In conclusion, dresses are one of the comfiest and most loved clothing among women. Hence it is only appropriate to match them with a good looking shoe. All the above-mentioned shoes are one of the best you can match with dresses. But of course, feel free to match your dress with shoes other than the ones mentioned above. In addition, if you plan on buying knit shoes or any other shoe, have a look at BURUDANI Shoes for women.

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