Is It Worth Getting a Beechwood Cot For Your Baby?

Is It Worth Getting a Beechwood Cot For Your Baby?

When you have a newborn baby, purchasing everything that you need can be a very daunting process. However, buying a new mini cot bed most certainly should not be. Hopefully, you will have a much better idea as to all things cot that you would like to buy after reading this article, and most particularly whether or not you would like to buy a beechwood cot.

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Is It Worth Getting a Beechwood Cot For Your Baby?

It is no secret that babies can be a bit of a challenge. Not only are they very lively, but they can also, unfortunately, be very messy at times. In order to deal with everything that a baby can throw at it, you want to make sure that the cot you buy is extremely durable and is one that can be easily cleaned and repaired if need be and if your family loves traviling, travel cots is also a must, and here are the lists of the best travel cots for your little one visit the website for more information.

So, is it worth getting a beech cot for your baby?

Before we decide whether or not it is worth getting a beechwood cot for your baby, let's take a look at the various properties and advantages and disadvantages that beechwood has to offer - in a cot scenario.

Beech is a hardwood, it is, in fact, one of the hardest words that are available. Hardwoods grow much slower than softwoods do, and are therefore more expensive. Beech is a wood that is light in color or can even be slightly red dependent on the soil and area of the world that it was grown in.

 The main advantage of beechwood, however, is its immense strength and durability. It is not suitable for use outside, but it is extremely suitable for use inside and is therefore very commonly used in the making of furniture such as chairs and cots for babies.

What are the other main advantages of beechwood?

It has good elasticity - whilst beech has good elasticity, it can still crack. As a result of this though, it is very durable and makes for very good wood for use in furniture.

It looks great - dependent on the color scheme and finishes that you are hoping to achieve in your baby's new room, beechwood could and most likely will fit in very well in its natural color.

It's low maintenance - once beechwood has been purchased, it should not require any further maintenance if it is being kept inside. A beech cot will be very durable, well-finished, and will look very good for a number of years.

It will act as an investment - when purchasing a cot, you may not be purchasing it solely with the intention of using it for one baby. Even if you are not planning on another baby yourself, you may have a family member or friend that is. 

Should you choose to buy a beech cot, you will have a cot that is very durable and that will stand up to the test of time for many years to come. After all, a cot isn't there just to serve a purpose - it can gain great sentimental value, and should be something that a lot of thought is put into.

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