4 of the Most Creative Lego Sets You Won't Believe Exist

4 of the Most Creative Lego Sets You Won't Believe Exist

Are you trying to figure out what Lego set to get? Whether you are looking for one to gift to the person who seems to have them all or simply looking for something to add to your own collection, then you should consider a creative Lego set.

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Ranging from the most expensive Lego set you could invest in, the ultra-popular ninjaggo lego setsto the weirdest that will leave you scratching your head as you try to understand what angle to look at it from, this is our top 4 favorite and most creative Lego sets to date.

1. Lego Death Star

This is one of the most costly Lego sets you will find yourself lusting after. And while it has a hefty price tag that may make you scoff, there are few Lego sets as incredible as this one. This is a well-designed Lego set that comprises of no less than 4000 pieces. And in that 4000 pieces set you will find 23 mini-figures. 

This will take some time to build but will be an incredible thing to complete. After all, it is the iconic death star, and while it may not seem creative from the initial glance, once you begin to notice how perfectly it is designed, you will appreciate the creativity that went into this $500 (roughly speaking) masterpiece.

2. Lego Bugatti

This Lego set is designed for kids, grown-up kids (yes, I mean adults) and the elderly as well. The elderly? Yes, of course! Have you never seen a grandpa’s toy model car collection in the perfectly shined display cabinet?

Just the fact that this design caters to all ages is a stroke of creative genius. While the price is certainly less than the price of a real Bugatti, it still packs a punch. But- if you look at how investors are beginning to consider Lego sets, then this may just be an investment that could pay off.

3. The Lego Roller Coaster Set

This intricate set is expertly crafted and will make many people happy. If you ever played with Legos (well, that should rather say, when you played with Legos) you will probably remember trying to create a makeshift roller coaster out of them. 

And try as you may, there were countless failures. Well, Lego put their best creatives to the test and they came out with the Lego Roller Coaster Set, and the best part? It actually functions!

4. The Lego Batmobile

Okay, so if you grew up before everyone had a smartphone glued to their hands, then you will remember just how cool anything remote control was. You name it, from cars racing in the dirt or across your mother’s tiled kitchen floor to planes flying overhead as you tried to navigate them away from trees- remote control toys were the ultimate Christmas or birthday gifts.

That is why this Batmobile Lego set is the best- it offers a remote control feature as well! While it does not have the chunky controller (it is controlled via an app), it still offers a glimpse into the joy of growing up pre-smartphone age.

There are hundreds of creative Lego sets, and there is something for everyone. Whatever movie or theme inspired set you to crave, you can bet Lego has already thought about it and you can find it on the market.

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