Achieve a Smoother, Younger Skin with Glycolic Skin Peel

Achieve a Smoother, Younger Skin with Glycolic Skin Peel

Looking for an effective way to uncover smoother, young skin? Well, the glycolic skin peel has got you covered. This chemical offers immense benefits for the skin, but it’s always important to exercise caution while using it.

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Achieve a Smoother, Younger Skin with Glycolic Skin Peel

A skin peel is often done by applying a chemical product to the face and then peeling it off after some time. This reveals the new skin below the layer which has been removed. Sounds quite harsh, right? Don’t panic. When done by a facial expert it isn’t harmful at all.

Understanding Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical peels utilize certain chemicals like glycolic acid, in this case, to improve the skin’s condition. The outer layer of the skin is removed, exposing the inner, soft layer. Most people can benefit hugely from chemical skin peels, but those who’ve uneven skin tones, wrinkles, as well as acne are more likely to enjoy instant benefits from the procedure.

The Working Principle of Glycolic Skin Peel

Glycolic acid skin peels refer to certain chemical peels that utilize glycolic acid as the primary constituent. It’s a popular treatment for both wrinkles and acne. Being part of the alpha hydroxyl family, glycolic acid is actually a fruit acid that’s derived from sugar cane.

Glycolic acid is water-soluble and features a small molecular structure that can readily be absorbed by the skin. After absorption, the acid breaks all the bonds that are responsible for holding the dead cells together. And once they’re loosened, the dead cells are exfoliated off the skin, exposing a more glowing and radiant skin. This process also promotes both anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant activity hence creating skin rejuvenation.

The removal of dead cells will also ensure that skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin. Not only will this reveal a brighter complexion, but it will also kick-start your cellular turnover. Healthier and happier skin cells are often produced during this process and the production of collagen plus elastin is enhanced, hence alleviating the signs of aging.

Having a Glycolic skin peel done regularly is beneficial to the skin and with constant use of glycolic acid accelerated healing of the skin is achieved. The good thing is that glycolic acid doesn’t cause any dermal harm.

The Bottom-Line

Skin shedding is an entirely natural process. The skin actually renews itself almost every month. Research shows that a person sheds about one million skin cells daily, or 3.6 kilograms per year! 

Being the body’s biggest organ, the skin has to replicate faster because it needs to protect against impurities such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, chemicals, bacteria, potential infections, as well as temperature changes. Sadly as one’s age progresses, this skin renewal process becomes slower and shows up as wrinkles, acne, fine lines, and hyper-pigmentation.

And this is the time when glycolic acid skin peels come in handy. When performed by a professional, skin peels are safe and extremely effective. They offer a unique way to treat acne and wrinkles plus many other aging symptoms.

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