Worried About Your Stretch Marks? These Remedies Are For You!

Worried About Your Stretch Marks? These Remedies Are For You!

Stretch marks are more prevalent than you think. In fact, 80 percent of Americans have it. Stretch marks are more common among women who have gone through pregnancy. But, men and some women who haven’t experienced pregnancy may also have it. In other words, men and women do get stretch marks for different reasons and at varying ages. 

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Worried About Your Stretch Marks? These Remedies Are For You!

It may occur as a result of sudden weight changes, as well as hormonal fluctuations and adolescent growth spurts. It is also not true that men aren’t unaffected by it. Many people admitted to being self-conscious about the existence of these lines in their bodies. Stretch marks may develop in one’s thigh area, hips, butt, breasts, shoulders and near the armpit. Some of the best remedies for stretch marks are the following:


It’s sad to say that until this date of writing there hasn’t been any treatment for the complete elimination of stretch marks. But there are remedies that could significantly reduce their appearance. One of these is microdermabrasion that can do wonders for stretch mark removal

Microdermabrasion works a lot like derma roller. It encourages the formation of collagen in the skin that helps to strengthen it. Microdermabrasion machines help lessen the appearance of stretch marks by exfoliating the top layer. It is like a powerful scrubber but operates in a way that does not cause skin breakage. As it works to smoothen the skin’s epidermis stretch marks will greatly lessen.

Laser Therapy

This remedy may prove to be too pricey for some people, but this one is highly effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It may take 20 treatments before an individual will see a 20 to 60 percent improvement. Laser therapy makes use of intense pulse light and pulsed dye lasers for increasing the production of collagen. Make sure it is performed by a licensed cosmetic, plastic or skin surgeon.

Aloe Vera

These green leaves may look antagonistic with their pointed stalks. But, inside these leaves are a treasure trove of skin-healing properties found in its gel. If you have the real version, that is, the aloe vera plant at home, just break off one stalk and then rub it over your stretch marks. If you don’t have the plant, you may purchase an aloe vera gel and apply it onto your skin lines. You may also combine this gel with vitamin E capsules for better results. Apply this two times a day.

Over-the-Counter Creams

There are many OTC creams that are specially formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Some OTC creams have cocoa butter, which acts as the ultra-moisturizing substance. Others may contain vitamin E, olive oil or coconut oil. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that for these creams to work, they should be massaged into the skin. People who are using OTC creams must wait for several weeks for these to take effect.

Time and again we’ve been told to appreciate our own bodies regardless of its size and shape. After all, who could love our bodies better than we ourselves? However, these tiger stripes are just too ugly to look at that some people do lose their confidence come bikini days. Luckily, these stretch marks will no longer look too apparent. Try any of the abovementioned remedies and you’ll later find it hard to notice that it’s there, in your very own skin.

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