Convert Your Man Cave into a Study

Convert Your Man Cave into a Study

It may be called a “man cave,” but we all know that it’s really an excuse for men to act like boys. The adult version is called a “study,” and it’s the room where gentleman retires to discuss politics over brandy and cigars – or maybe just crank up some classic rock and play the latest video game. If you’re among the many men who feel that it’s about time to add a little sophistication to your life, then it’s time to take heed of the following advice.

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Convert Your Man Cave into a Study
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Fine Hardwood Furniture is the Key

Turning your glorified gaming room into a beacon of class and sophistication you can be proud of begins with the furniture. It is as simple as replacing all of those mass-produced, cheaply made items with pieces that demonstrate a modicum of appreciation for the finer things in life. Consider the following points:

• Woodworking and crafting is closely identified with masculinity as hunting and fishing.

• Solid wood is this most popular material in furniture making in history.

• Furniture that is finely crafted out of solid wood will last you a lifetime.

• Hardwood furniture is elegant, refined, and whispers “success.”
Begin by Upgrading Your Entertainment Unit

Just imagine how much better your room will look when you replace your unimpressive pressboard items with beautiful handcrafted cherry wood furniture that has been custom made by a professional woodworker.

You may not want to throw out that electronic home theatre equipment that you’ve collected over the years, but you can acquire a better-looking place in which to house it. Luckily, contemporary entertainment units can be custom built with solid wood to complement the most stylish items in your home or office.

Keep Your Toys Covert

If you’re already into James Bond movies and books, then you won’t mind going undercover. The good news is that this first step will enable you to keep all of your toys and entertainment around; the key is to keep them hidden by more tasteful items. For example, you might consider a classic credenza or cabinet made of reclaimed wood that contains drawers and cupboards to keep gaming and stereo accessories out of sight when they aren’t in use.

Add Stylish Bookshelves

You might not read a hundred books a year, and you don’t have to, but some sign of intellectual pursuit is helpful if you’re going for the mature and sophisticated vibe. The great news is that bookshelves can be used to house almost anything – and, according to interior designers, it may even be preferable to diversify! You’ll probably want to own a few knowledgeable books to show off, but the remaining space can be used to display anything you collect, from the latest movies to comic books, even vinyl records.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to go with a completely traditional look to achieve the perfect gentleman’s study for you. The key is to keep a bit of your own personality and show off your own interests while doing do in an attractive way. 

If you enjoy a rock and roll theme, pick your favorite couple posters and have them mounted. The more you invest in hand-crafted solid wood furniture, the more it will allow you to get away with.

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