Convenient USB Salt Lamps with the Add On of Health Benefits

Convenient USB Salt Lamps with the Add-On of Health Benefits

USB Himalayan salt lamps project an unusual pattern of light and color. These salt lamps have various shapes, and every lamp holds a unique style and texture. The lamps are constructed with the chunks of Himalayan Salt Crystals with a light bulb inside.

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Convenient USB Salt Lamps with the Add On of Health Benefits

They can be used as a natural source of light and elegant interior decorations. Still, the multiple diverse services of Himalayan Salt stretch far beyond aesthetics.  These crystal salt lamps, when lit, emit a warming pink glow.

How Do Crystal Salt Lamps Work?

Rock salt lamps are well-known for the several health benefits they provide for being "natural ionizers," which means they shift the electric charge of the air passing on. Ions are the compounds carrying a charge for holding an unbalanced number of electrons and protons.

These air ions are produced naturally because of the changes in the environment. And they are also generated artificially by commercially created air ionizers.
A theory says that Himalayan salt lamps may create ions carrying health benefits and switch the charge of the circulating air. And it is recommended to place a Himalayan salt lamp in every corner of the house to reap the countless internal and external benefits.

Some General Benefits of USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

• Soft on the eyes, a salt lamp glows serenely, proving a soothing ambiance.

• You can travel with a small-sized USB Himalayan salt lamp to your dorm or office.

• Salt lamps can be mounted over wooden racks or floor to use a light source instead of a bulb.

• USB salts lamps can be plugged into various USB ports, providing ease of access.

Every crystal salt lamp is chiseled with hands to save its primal energy and get enhanced health benefits.

Let’s have a look at the claimed health benefits of USB Himalayan salt lamps.
Health benefits of USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. Improve your sleep quality

Researches have not yet tested the effects of crystal salt lamps on sleep. Still, researchers think that positive ions in the air enhance irritability, anxiety. And awful feelings of restlessness and offense.

Instead, they believe that negative ions calm depression, anxiety, and stress and improve overall health and well-being. Surveys with rats and mice claim that a sufficient amount of negative air ions change levels of serotonin- a chemical compound that ensures well-being. 

In some other human studies, ions with negative charge reduce depression. As Himalayan rock salt lamps emit negative ions, they’re believed to help improve your sleep quality. And the sense of feeling good.

2. Reduce allergies and calm Asthma

Himalayan salt lamps are thought of as filtering mold, dust, pet dander, and mildew from the air inside the room. Just like salt is used in nasal sprays to clear airways, they help in exempting the symptoms of all kinds of allergies. Sometimes, allergic reactions become severe. If you are having content allergy issues, you should consult allergy specialist to get the best possible solution. 

USB Salt Lamps, Salt Lamps, Himalaya Salt Lamps, Salt Lamp Add-On of Health Benefits, Lifestyle, health

People struggling with Asthma also confirm the benefits of crystal salt lamps. It's remarkable breathing assistance that some manufacturers have made Himalayan salt inhalers too for the sufferer of respiratory issues like bronchitis and Asthma.

3. Sharpen the concentration of blood & oxygen

Vulnerability to negative air ions lessens stress and improves overall health. Negative ions amend the supply of oxygen and blood to our brain, making rock salt lamps best for improving the concentration.

They also increase the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which genuinely produces the feeling of fulfillment and composure.

Positive ions exhaust our body, and it is claimed that Himalayan salt lamps can generally do the opposite. Our energy levels are increased by the negative ions, providing a refreshing effect identical to the feel of rejuvenation attained from spending some time with nature.

USB Salt Lamps, Salt Lamps, Himalaya Salt Lamps, Salt Lamp Add-On of Health Benefits, Lifestyle, health

4. Improve your mood and boost calmness

These USB Himalayan salt lamps aid in chronotherapy also called color therapy, an alternate process of identifying and treating multiple illnesses. They form a soft light in hues of ambient yellow, orange, and red. It aids with attention deficit disorder, stress, and regular relaxation amongst others. The delicate light balances emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

Negative ions improve your energy levels and mood by promoting serotonin in the brain. Thus, Himalayan salt lamps can be beneficial for people suffering from social anxiety, shyness, and different types of depression.

5. Relieve symptoms of cold & cough

There are possibilities that the negative ions, which the Himalayan salt lamps emit may shield you from airborne germs. In summation to eliminating these contaminants from the air, your body can filter air more efficiently while attempting to block any other particles going into our lungs. This can alleviate the chances of progress in coughing, sore throat, sneezing, and other few symptoms of cold and cough. 

6. Purify the air

Rock salt lamps aid cleaning the air by an operation known as hygroscopy. With hygroscopy, contaminated water molecules are drawn in and absorbed from the atmosphere and are locked into the salt crystals.

The method has the outstanding ability to eliminate dust, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air. This benefit is significantly famous because salty air serves as an entire health booster by clearing the air passages.

7. Help deionize electromagnetic rays

Electric devices, including computers, tablets, laptops, and other wireless gadgets, generate harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). But, EMF can be countered organically by keeping Himalayan salt lamp near you. 

These old crystals resonate at a frequency that is almost identical to our body's frequency. They possess a little ionizing force that guards against negative ions when we turn them on. It has been observed throughout the history that allergic people have traveled to salt caves to help recover their breathing pattern.

USB Salt Lamps, Salt Lamps, Himalaya Salt Lamps, Salt Lamp Add-On of Health Benefits, Lifestyle, health

The USB Himalayan Salt lamps are environment-friendly light sources. A lot of them are powered by low-voltage bulbs which use only a little amount of power, though some of them are lit only by the flame of a candle. They bring a decent decorative touch and a warming sparkle to your space with an exceptional array of health benefits and positive energy.

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