How to Choose the Perfect Ice for Every Cocktail

anHow to Choose the Perfect Ice for Every Cocktail

When it comes to cooling and diluting cocktail drinks, ice plays a significant role. Once you’ve purchased your favorite spirits as well as squeezed fresh juices and gotten your shakers, it’s time you pick a few trays of ice.

How to Choose the Perfect Ice for Every Cocktail
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However, it’s important to note that the type and quality of ice you use can make a big difference in terms of how your cocktail tastes. Wondering how to identify the best ice? Well, this article expounds on some of the most practical tips you may want to consider.

Size and Shape Really Matter

Ice can do two incredible things for your cocktail drink; cooling and dilution. But don’t be tempted to believe that dilution is something bad. Research has actually shown that little water plays an important role in opening up some spirits as it emphasizes certain aromas and masks others. 

The size and shape of your ice significantly affect how quickly it melts as well as how much water gets absorbed by your cocktail. That’s you need to make a careful choice between big rocks, crushed ice, and standard cubes. Utilizing high-quality ice gives you better control over dilution, and ultimately results in a better drink.

When to Utilize Larger Cubes

Serving your drink over large rocks will probably add less water to it. The drink temperature plus dilution are going to remain consistent for a considerable period of time. So, if you have some really nice whiskey or some nice bourbon, you’ll definitely want to serve it over a big rock. This will give enough time to finish your drink before it turns into a quagmire.

Always serve your spirit-forward drinks over big ice. You could also opt to splash you whiskey, Scotch, or rye over those. But be keen not to stir with them, since they melt too slowly to conveniently cool your drink. Shaking with a bigger ice cube can enhance the texture of your finished drink, though it will severely mess with dilution.

Know When to Use Crushed Ice

Certain drinks benefit from crushed ice, particularly those which are designed to be consumed in warmer climates or utilize lots of fancy syrups as well as juices. If you’re fond of refreshing drinks such as Rum Swizzle, Mint Julep, or a boozy tiki, you’ll want to utilize crushed or pebble ice. This will add the right amount of dilution to your cocktails, while also keeping them consistently chilled. In this case, getting an ice machine for your home bar can really help.

Remember, dilution is part of good cocktail experience. One of the most important considerations of cracked rice is the amount of water it gives off. Because it features a lot of tiny pieces, crushed ice tends to get watery very easily, and that could end up diluting your drink quicker than you want.

To get the best effects from your cocktail drink, you’ll need to make the right choices. This is particularly true when it comes to the type and quality of ice you use. Follow the above tips and get enjoy the best experience!

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