Tips For Father To Get More Involved In The Journey Of Parenthood

Tips For Father To Get More Involved In The Journey Of Parenthood

When bringing a child into the light of the world is something that requires the role of two people, it does not seem fair that the responsibility of looking after the newborn falls entirely on the mother while the father is busy signing contracts at work, or doing nothing. Raising a baby is a shared responsibility, and while fathers might be looking forward to the part where he can spoil his child with toys and love, it is imperative that they learn to nurse the infant right after birth and not leave the organic diapers changing phase to his partner.  

Tips For Father To Get More Involved In The Journey Of Parenthood
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With this notion in mind, let us see how fathers can be more involved in the shared process of parenthood. There are several ways to get involved and be more responsible as fathers. But you need to take up the mantle on your own and not wait for other people to teach you how to do it. But if it helps, let us delve straight into the topic without further ado.

Share In The Feeding Experience:

You might not be able to feed your child physically, but you can always switch turns and feed the baby. For instance, if your partner stays up all night doing the feeding, you must take the responsibility of feeding your child in the morning. You must not try to come up with excuses like you have got work, and thus, you cannot take care of the infant. This is as lame as it can get. 

Think of it in this way. Your partner might have been a job too when she conceived the baby. But, if she can take maternity leave and tend to the child, the least you could do is get up early in the morning and feed. You could also maybe take the night shifts and let your partner sleep. Stick to a routine that works for both of you, and that plays well by the infant’s time table.
Believe It Or Not But You Could Be Involved In Breastfeeding Too:

It is true that your partner might be breastfeeding the child, but that does not rule out the possibility of your involvement in the process. Of course, being a man, you will have your physical limitations. But you can always educate yourself on what breastfeeding is like and how much it affects your partner’s health by reading books and watching YouTube videos. 

However, do not go all didactic about what must be done and how it must be done, because your partner knows her job well. There is a thin line between trying to be more involved in the process and becoming overbearing. What you could instead do is, help her out with the right position of breastfeeding or try explaining to her how she ought to hold the baby if it serves as a challenge to her. Go through with the process together and not as a superior.

Check On Your Partner Every Once A While:

You might think that your partner is doing an excellent job with handling the baby, but you need to understand that motherhood is more complicated than just that. You need to be there for your partner at every step of your shared parenthood. Every time she tries to feed the baby or changes the diapers, make sure that you are there to guide her and help her with the task. 

Do not just abandon her and get to your work. You might not always be around her, but make sure that you are at least reachable on the phone when she tries to contact you. You never know what might come up while she is nursing the baby. That is why you need to be available, any way you can.

Explain The Nanny Her Responsibilities:

If you choose to have a nanny, when both of you get back to work, take up the responsibility of explaining her duties. Do all the research that is required to learn about an Au Pair agency before you even appoint one person and accept her into the family. It is not just the mother’s responsibility to teach the nanny or the au pair her job. It is your child too and thus, the responsibility falls on you too.

Being a parent is not easy. People might try to talk you into parenthood and portray a completely different picture about it, but you should know better than that. Parenthood comes with a world of responsibilities, and you must not rush into it if you are not ready for it. Therefore, think carefully before you act on it. 

Also, since this article addresses fathers more than anyone else, you have to get more involved in the process of parenthood. There are several ways of doing so only if you show a wee bit of interest and enthusiasm. 

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