Girls' Problems Men Need To Understand More

Girls' Problems Men Need To Understand More

When it comes to gender differences and communication, it really feels like men are from Mars and women are from Venus. No matter how hard men try, there are so many things that they STILL find difficult to understand about women, but come to think about it, women can be a tad difficult to comprehend. While the list can go on and on, here are a few things that Girls want men to know:

Girl Problems Men Need To Understand More,Girl Problems, Relationship, Lifestyle, Understanding Girls, Tips & Tricks
Girl Problems Men Need To Understand More

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Beauty over comfort is a daily choice

Think of a girl wearing stilettos or having to wax on a regular basis and you’ll understand that pain or discomfort means nothing when it comes to appearance. According to the folks over at, 90% of women wear bras that aren’t the correct size.

That means that most women will be stuck wearing something that is uncomfortable and annoying for the majority of the day, every single day, just to look presentable and have some sort of support. That’s the kind of pain women are willing to endure in order to look their absolute best. So the next time you see a woman looking good, compliment her for a lot of effort and pain have resulted in this overall appearance.

Not having anything to wear

Just because a lady’s wardrobe is packed with clothes, it doesn’t mean she has something to wear. Men need to understand that when it comes to attire, there’s an outfit for everything. 

There’s also a girl code you need to understand that most women will not be seen wearing the same thing twice with the same group of people. So, don’t look at her like a lunatic when she freaks out about not having anything to wear, but be a gentleman instead and take her to the mall to pick up the perfect outing for the occasion at hand.

Frenemies are a thing

It’s ok to have a love-hate relationship with pretty much anyone. In fact, all the most important people in a woman’s life are some sort of frenemy. Don’t be surprised when they’re complaining about their best friend one second, and come running to their defence the next. 

Female relationships are complicated and hard to comprehend, but under any circumstances, don’t you dare give yourself the right to say something negative about her best-friend even if she’s mad at her!

A woman’s brain doesn’t switch off

It just doesn’t. No matter how hard they try. So be prepared to have every little word or action dissected, analyzed and interpreted in every single possible way. That’s how a woman’s brain works, it not only focuses on the little things, but will always find something to keep it busy. So, to avoid the drama that comes with it, just put a little thought into your words and actions for God’s sake.

While the list is never-ending, it is important to understand that women are different beings and so, it’s best to take the time and effort to understand where they’re coming from. Even if you find it difficult, just go with it, because let’s face it: women are always right.

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