All that You Need To Know About: Braces Retainers and Its Duration in Detail

There are many patients who ask a very common question to the dentist i.e. “do I have to wear the retainer after taking out my braces?” Well, the answer to this question is more certainly yes. Furthermore, all of the dentists suggest wearing some types of retainers after taking their braces off. Moreover, Retainers are considered as the permanent insurance policy of your new happy smile. The biggest reason behind that is the retainers make sure that the investments that you have put into wearing your braces are not finished yet. If you want to know more about retainers, do contact Allure Dental Care and Orthodontics for more enquiries.

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All that You Need To Know About: Braces Retainers and Its Duration in Detail

On the other hand, there are many cases seen that patients who have used braces 25 years ago have stated that they are not having the same level of cover that they used to have it before. This was because at that time there was not any solution like the permanent retainer to be used. Thus when they use to remove their retainer at night before sleeping, the very next day what they see is that their teeth went back to its normal position or even out of place. 

Since the lower teeth are more vulnerable in terms of moving back to its original position, thus many of the dentists these days recommend wearing permanent retainers. This is also a type of small insurance policy used, which will protect your cute smile for a longer duration of time.

If you are still confused about the retainers than let us read about this in detail. This article will provide you all the details regarding braces retainers which will be helpful in easy to understand if this term.

What are Retainers?

Retainers are made up of rubbers, metals, and pieces of plastics which are generally high custom made for each person who required using it. On the other hand, the position of fitting retainers is on the top of the mouth and teeth portion. Also, it is important to know you that not all the retainers are the same in size or look alike, even though it is a little similar to looking with each other.

Wearing retainers are very common these days. Most of the people like adults or even kids who are wearing braces have to wear retainers after that for a little duration of time. On the other hand, some people wear retainers for the purpose of closing the gap between two teeth which helps in solving their speech-related problems. It is also worn for the purpose of solving various medical problems.

A retainer is a basic device helping you to correct the bite and other related issues. On the other hand, retainers are not so easily visible or so much noticeable on your teeth. It is included in the teethes shaping treatment plan suggested by the orthodontist.

Duration of wearing: If you are thinking about the time duration of wearing retainers, then it may vary from person to person dental conditions and problems. Since it is worn for the purpose of maintaining the alignments of the teeth, one has to wear it till the dentist says the right time to remove it. 

On the other hand, once the teeth have been settled at the desired position and shape with the help of braces, it has to be now settled and fixed into your jaws and gums. This is to be done by using retainers until no further shift in the positioning of teeth takes place in your mouth. The duration suggested by the dentist is at least 2 months in total.

Top 4 important reasons for wearing retainers

There are many reasons for wearing retainers. Some of them are suggested below in this article.

1. Helps to maintain space for new and wisdom teeth:

It is seen that braces are most commonly been wore by the kids or teenagers these days, which are still in the developing age period. Thus many dentists highly suggest such patients wear retainers around the same duration when the wisdom teeth are about to come. 

In such a case when the retainer is used, it helps to maintain space in their jaws for the new teeth to accommodate. On top of this, constantly using the retainers ensures that the particular teeth will not shift at any unwanted place due to lack of space.

2. For stabilization of your bite: 

Do you know after removing your braces your bones and your soft tissues demand times to accept the changes occurring around them? After slowing stabilizing at the new positioning, the probability of having changes in the teeth positional goes to minimal. Thus one is suggested to wear the retainers for 15 to 24 hours each day, to prevent relapse.

3. Avoids the chances of treatment reversal:

After the removal of braces, the teeth tend to go back to its original old positioning in the duration of a month. Therefore you can stop this by wearing the correct retainers for at least a particular duration suggested by your dentist. On the other hand, you can save you lots of money reinvesting in the same problem. Moreover, the duration of wearing may vary as you already know, thus there are chances that one has to wear it for years to maintain the correct positioning of the tooth.

4. Helps the affected teeth in holding their new position after braces treatment:

In case the braces are used for filling or correcting the gaps between the teeth, then there are more chances that your teeth will take much time to get settled in the position fixed by the braces. This is applicable even at the large overbites, under bites or severely displaces teeth. Therefore it becomes crucial to hold on the new teeth positioning. Thus use the accurate retainers in such a situation which will help you achieve the desired goals in positioning the teeth.

This was all about the Why following removal of your braces retainers will need to be worn for a short period treatment of teeth related problems.

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