10 Bodyweight Workouts For Your Vacation

10 Bodyweight Workouts For Your Vacation

People build their muscles for different reasons. Some people do it because they want to improve their health. Others do it in preparation for a specific athletic activity while others do it simply because they want to look better. However, with a plethora of information the internet has, muscle building becomes so easy to get misinformed as well.

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10 Bodyweight Workouts For Your Vacation
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Many people believe that in order to build muscles one has to do it in the gym, using the right equipment. However, the fitness enthusiasts at Portucalis.com encourages everyone to build muscles even without the use of any equipment and even when you’re on vacation. Yes, building your muscles without any gym equipment is so much possible. You just have to do it by performing the right exercises. Know more about it at https://www.leahsfitness.com/old-school-new-body-f4x-review/ 

Some of these exercises i.e Curtsy Lunge, Push-ups, Squats, etc, are the following:

Superman Hold

To start, lie with your face down on the floor while your legs and your arms are extended. Try to raise your feet and thighs as much as you can in the air as if you’re about to fly like Superman. This way, you will be tightening your glutes and squeezing your back muscles. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before you put back your legs and arms on the floor. This will serve as your first rep.


Squats help make the leg muscles strong while toning the butt muscles. The best thing about it is that everybody can do it. It isn’t complicated to perform. You just have to gather your strength to ensure you don’t go out of balance as you lower your butt down.

High-Knee Run

A high-knee run is much like jogging in place but this time you will do it while raising your knees higher than you normally do with basic running or jogging. The aim would be to bring your thighs higher and not just parallel to the floor.


In this exercise, one can use a mobile dip bar or just a bench. You can also do it on a staircase or a chair. To start, sit at the end of the seating surface of the chair. Let your hands hold onto the edge of the seating surface. It should be positioned just right next to your butt. Then start bending your arms while your butt stays closer to the ground. Keep pushing yourself back up and then down.


Fitness, Travel, Bodyweight workout, weight workout, tips & tricks
Push Up [ photo: pixabay ]

This can be done with several variations as different muscle groups are also targeted. Push-ups can be performed with resistance bands for increased intensity and improved effectiveness. The resistance band can be placed in the person’s shoulder so he would exert more effort in executing each push-up.

Knee Tuck

Start by lying on your back and then keep your lower back pressed into the floor. Then bring your shoulders up using your hands as your support. Your legs must be in a straight position as you slowly raise your thighs. Then start pulling your thighs closer to your chest. As you bend your knees to bring it towards your chest, you will also be squeezing your abs.

Mountain Climbers

This type of exercise helps strengthen different muscle groups. By performing a series of alternating jumps and planks the abdominal and lower back muscles are stabilized. In this exercise, the legs and butt perform the jumps while the triceps and pectoral muscles perform the static exercise.


This exercise strengthens your quadriceps femoris and your greater gluteus muscles. Make sure your upper body is kept straight all throughout the duration of this exercise. Your abdominal muscles are engaged while shoulder blades are pulled back. Look straight ahead while performing this exercise. Your feet and your knees must be facing the same direction as you execute your lunges.

Russian Twist

Start by lying on your back while your knees are bent. Your feet must be a couple of inches off the floor. Your torso must be raised so that it will be a foot above the surface of the floor. Now twist your torso to the right then allow your hands to touch the floor on the right side. Do the same thing on the left side.


This can be done whenever there are beams or woodwork or a huge door frame. Pull-ups strengthen the lat muscles as well as the lower fibers of the body’s trapezius muscle. As you change the width of your grip, your body’s exertion effort will also be directed to different muscle groups. You may perform pull-ups with a close underhand grip, wide overhand grip or a neutral grip position.

Consistency in an exercise regimen is a crucial key to achieving that well-sculpted body. So, even when you’re traveling or on vacation, that does not mean you can just skip your exercise routine. Try the exercises mentioned in this article so you can remain as healthy and as fit as you are while on vacation.

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