Wedding Planning: 15 Top Bridal Makeup Tips From The Experts

Making sure that you look your best on your wedding day is something that is important to every bride. So, here are 15 bridal makeup tips from the experts

1. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time
When it comes to your makeup application on your big day, you don't want to be in a rush. Whether you opt for the DIY option or choose to hire a professional bridal makeup artist, you need to allow at least 50 minutes for your makeup application. If you have hired a professional, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized before they arrive.

2. Use Lip Liner
Don't just line the outside of your lips. Make sure you also fill the entire lip area with lip liner after you have defined the edges. Follow with lipstick rather than gloss. You can add a light topcoat of lip gloss after you have applied two coats of lipstick. It's important to use gloss sparingly as it reduces the duration of your lip color.

3. Waterproof Your Foundation
If you don't plan to use a brand of waterproof foundation, consider air brush foundation. This will ensure your foundation provides coverage for hours no matter how oily or sweaty you get during the day.

4. Use Lip Stain
If you want your lip color to last all day and don't want to constantly re-apply lipstick, consider using a high-quality lip stain. You can layer it with a sheer gloss for the perfect bridal lip for your wedding photos.

5. Think Layers
No matter what type of makeup you are applying to your face, layering is the key for long lasting coverage. Many people make the mistake of trying to apply one thick layer of eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, cream blush, powder, and highlighter. The secret to a look that has texture, dimension, and duration lies in building up multiple thin layers of products.

6. Buy Blotting Paper
If your skin starts to feel oily throughout the day, use mattifying shine control paper to blot your t-zone. This paper absorbs the excess oil without removing any of your makeup. Don't make the mistake of trying to reapply more product on top of oily skin to hide the grease. It won't work.

7. Don't Try A New Skincare Routine
The night before your big day, you might be tempted to treat your face to a new skincare routine using high-end skincare products that you can't afford to use every day. However, the night before your wedding is not the time to experiment with new products. It's best to stick to your tried and tested daily skincare regime to remove the risk of skin irritation to new ingredients in different beauty products.

8. Fight Spots With Cortisone
If the unthinkable happens and a large pimple appears the day before your wedding, topical cortisone is perhaps the best quick-fix. Avoid touching the spot as you could spread bacteria to other areas of your face and cause more inflammation. If the spot appears several days before your wedding day, you might have time to visit a dermatologist for an injection of cortisone.

9. Avoid Makeup Trends
This doesn't mean you have to opt for the "natural" look. If you have a bold signature look, it's okay to wear it. However, you should avoid bold beauty trends, which will make you cringe when you look through your wedding photography album in the years to come.

10. Have A Trial-Run
Do a trial run at least two weeks before your wedding. You need to be sure you are happy with the makeup look and that it will last all day. In addition to applying all your wedding make-up, make sure you also wear your hair in your planned bridal style. This will ensure you can see exactly how your complete look functions before your big day and give you time to make changes to things you don't like.

11. Start Taking Care Of Your Skin Today
Starting a through daily skincare routine six months before your wedding will ensure your skin looking amazing on the day. You might want to consult with a dermatologist if you have any serious skin conditions, so you can see which day and night skincare routine will work best for your skin type. Make sure you invest in high-quality products. At a bare minimum, you need a face cleanser, toner, day moisturizer, and night moisturizer. A good anti-aging eye cream would also be a good investment.

12. Emphasize Your Eyes
Your eyes are your stand-out feature, so you need to choose tones that compliment their natural color -- unless you plan to wear colored contacts. Ensure you brighten any dark circles with high-coverage under-eye corrector and concealer. Avoid using too much eyeliner and mascara. Remember, you are going for an innocent day look, so tone down the smokey eyes.

13. Use Individual Eyelash Extensions
Using individual false lashes can create a much more subtle, multidimensional look than false lash strips. You can place individual differing lengths between your natural lashes, as opposed to fixing them on top, to create a much thicker, fluttery look.

14. Avoid Going Too Matte Or Too Glossy
It's best to avoid lipsticks, highlighters and cream blushes that are either too glossy or too matte. A matte finish can easily turn cakey and dry, making you look older than your years in photographs. Meanwhile, a look that is too glossy can be mistaken for oily, greasy skin, and your forehead is bound to look shiny in wedding photographs. If you want a dewy glow, opt for shimmering setting spray.

15. Don't Forget About Your Hair
You might think that your wedding dress and your bridal makeup are the much important parts of your look, but your hairstyle is just as important. Make sure your hair is in good condition and get a cut and color that complaints your skin tone and face shape. If you have long hair, you should experiment with lots of different bridal up-dos months before your big day.

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