Tired of Long Dresses? Mother of The Bride Can Also Wear Short

Events such as weddings, engagements, and birthday celebrations require a specific dress code. When it comes to your daughter’s wedding, it is one of the most important dates in your life. That is why you need to look impeccable. Searching through the mother of the bride dresses can be exacting. You should find the perfect color, length, and cut for your daughter's big day.

The question that pops right after you start searching for your attire is - should the mother of the bride wear long or short dress? We have the answer for you. There is no strict rule about should the mother of the bride wear a long or short dress. Therefore, talk with your daughter and wear what suits you the best. If you think you will feel comfortable and pleasant in long gown, go for it. However, try to give a chance to short mother of the bride dresses.

For you to get inspired, we have prepared some of the best short mother of the bride dresses. Let’s have a look how you can style them for your daughter’s wedding day.

Ink-Blue Short Mother of The Bride Dresses

Sometimes, it is not everything about the dress, but the color you choose to wear. Ink blue is definitely an eye-catching shade that will make you stand out from the crowd. The knee-length dress and sheath/column silhouette are timeless - you can wear this dress for other occasions as well.

Short Lilac Embroidered Dress

If you are searching for something timeless and classic, this is the dress you should choose. The pastel color will give your dress a modern vibe, while embroidered lace makes it elegant and very sophisticated. It is perfect for fall and winter weddings when you can combine it with some faux fur coat and classy stilettos.

Short Pleated Dress

Being the queen of a dancefloor with this dress is a piece of cake! Pleats will follow the movements of your body. The dress is flowy, knee-length and appropriate for the occasion such as a wedding. Delicate lace on the bodice will add an elegant touch to the dress.

Short Sequined Dress

Sand shades are perfect for those moms who seek for the classic and timeless style. This dress is anything but simple - it has tulle parts as well as sequins. This silhouette fits every woman. You can style it with simple gold strappy sandals and silver clutch.

Short Royal Blue Dress

The crisscrossed neckline looks very modern and unexpected. It has an A-line silhouette which fits almost any body shape. But it is not the silhouette that makes this dress so unique - it is the color. Royal blue seems very elegant, glamorous even, and perfect for occasions like weddings. You can combine it with silver details.

Short Navy-Blue Satin Dress

Sometimes you don’t need sequins, embroidery and other shiny details to make your dress looks fantastic. Classics never go out of style, as well as navy-blue satin. Interesting bodice and V-neck are more than enough to be perfect for your daughter’s wedding. You can match it with some exciting silver necklace or shiny bracelet.

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