4 Tips for Enjoying a Hot Bath in An RV

Some people love camping, and then there are those who love camping while enjoying the comfort that comes with their home, such a hot shower. Thanks to the technology of creating a home within a trailer, this is now possible. The five wheel camper or motorhome gives you the luxury of enjoying a hot bath while in a remote place, many miles from your home.

Like many campgrounds, you’d be lucky to park in a place that has well-kept bathrooms and an endless supply of hot water. The RV takes care of this worry for you. You can enjoy a hot bath at any time of the day, and the only people you need to consider are your family or friends.

The RV hot bath experience makes camping, especially during winter, pleasant. Other than your heating bill and water tank capacity, below tips, will give you a broader perspective on hot bath experience in RV.

1.    Water Conservation in a RV

An average RV water tank holds a maximum of 10 gallons, which makes it a considerably small amount compared to the home or hotel shower. Conserving water while showering is of utmost importance. If you have the old make RV, the hot water is likely to run out if you shower without turning it off.

The newer tank-less models heat the water on demand, and you don't have to wait for the heating time; check this out for more information. For both, you’ll still need to lather up first before turning on the water and take the least time possible.

2.    RV Shower Heads

Such a simple feature, yet it plays the most significant role in how your hot bath time turns out. The most convenient shower head for an RV is one connected to a handle. It not only helps in rinsing off all the soap in unreachable places, but will come in handy when you’re in need of just rinsing off your feet without getting the whole body wet.

These shower heads do not require temperature re-adjustment when you have cut off the water and restarted again.

3.    Shower Skylights

The RV skylight is an added accessory for your hot TV bath time. It's like showering outdoors yet without the uncomfortable elements. For the taller folk, the window is an additional room for your frame.

4.    RV Shower Pans

You need to have a shower pan in an RV to prevent the water from running into other rooms and compartments. A pan is slightly slanted to drain the water properly without physically draining it off or messing the rest of the RV.

Bonus Tip: Cleaning your RV Shower

You cannot enjoy an RV hot bath without cleaning the facility. A damp RV bathroom is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Quickly clean with a squeegee and dry off the surfaces with a towel immediately after use. It is an effective way to keep the bathroom clean at all times. Occasional professional cleaning after a trip will keep the bathroom free of mold and dirt.

There are different types of RVs with all sorts of luxuries. One thing they all have in common is a stress-free bathing offered in the fitted bathroom. It may not be the same as a home-bathroom, but it's not communal, and you can access hot water at anytime. With a few accessories, you'll have the best bath experience on wheels.

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