5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Heading on a Solo Holiday

Many people feel travelling in large groups often keeps them from truly discovering the joy of the journey. Travelling solo, on the other hand, is scarier but also takes you to the most unexpected of places and adventures. Whether it is the sunny beaches of Southeast Asia, the monument cities of Europe or road trips in America, today it is easy to find a holiday that caters for singles. These trips allow you to experience a place without being tied down by the agenda of the group.

However, at the same time, you have to ensure you get your research right for an enjoyable and safe trip. Here are the top tips to keep in mind when planning solo travel:
1. Research your destination

Solo travel means you get to discover hidden gems, but that is only going to happen if you know everything there is to know about the place beforehand. Check out multiple travel websites, where you can find travel accounts by people who have been to the place before. This will help you plan your itinerary well, look out for the best hotels, taxi services, and avoid common problems that previous travellers have experienced.

2. Always stay connected

While solo travel allows you to pick your destination at your fancy, ensure that you follow a few basic security measures. Before you visit your destination country, check for any warnings issued by your government for tourists visiting the area. In addition, government websites let you register for regular updates via email or text if a situation arises in the destination country, or at home. While the chances are slim, it is always advisable to stay informed.

3. Pack smart and light

Travelling solo means it is very important to have all the essential items on you at all times. Packing light but smart is the key, and be sure to keep things such as clothing for all kinds of weather, medication for common ailments, chargers and power banks for your gadgets (very important these days) on you at all times. You should also have a packable rain jacket in your carry on just in case when it rains. Plus, divide all your money in three to four different credit cards, and always stash away some emergency cash for unexpected situations.

4. Travel, don’t be a tourist

Tourists are often targets of pickpockets, thieves and muggers, so it is safer not to dress too touristy. This means not flashing cameras, fanny packs or expensive technology everywhere, or carrying too much cash on you. Also, if you are not very familiar with the place, try sticking to well-lit main roads all the time and not venturing out at odd hours, especially if you are travelling alone.

5. Get inside information

If you are travelling solo, it is usually not safe to let people around you know that. However, at the same time, the best advice about places to see comes from local people, so it is easiest and safest to befriend professionals in the hospitality business. For example, the best advice on tourist spots and how to get there may come from hotel managers, restaurant owners or taxi drivers.

These tips, while travelling alone, will keep you safe and out of trouble, while at the same time letting you discover all the hidden treasures in a place. With time and some patience, you can learn to enjoy and trust your own company.

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