5 Tips for Postpartum Clothes

Has anyone ever told you what your abdominal region is going to look like after pregnancy? It’s as if you’re still pregnant, for weeks during postpartum. The uterus may be empty but your muscles in that area take some time to go back to normal. So here are 5 tips for postpartum clothes. That might help you deal with the bulge while you’re also trying to lose it.

I’m sure you know that your chances of delivering after your actual due date are highly likely. I’m quite certain you also know all about sleeping when your baby is sleeping. So you can enjoy some undisturbed shut-eye. But what about maternity wear after delivery? How do you make the most of what you have when it comes to postpartum clothes?

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5 Tips for Postpartum Clothes

To be honest, you don’t need to buy ridiculously expensive maternity wear. I mean think about it this way. Maternity clothes came into the picture recently. So weren’t new mommies getting by quite comfortably without them in the past? Of course, they were. All you need is some practical advice.

#1 Befriend the Stretchy Waistband

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If you’re okay with spending huge sums of money on maternity wear, good for you. But if not, then why not opt for cheaper alternatives? Just go for basics that come with a stretchy waistband. Basics because you can easily pair them with all kinds of tops. And stretchy because? You know why!

My suggestion; yoga pants and leggings.  If normal leggings don’t fit you properly, try high-waist leggings. They are more suitable for your postpartum body.

#2 Repurpose

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There’s absolutely no need to pack up the clothes you wore during pregnancy. I mean your maternity or basic stretchy bottoms fit below the bulge. For a few weeks post-childbirth as well!

Many women wear postpartum underwear too. Both during and after pregnancy, but mainly after. This type of underwear is unquestionably essential. It is designed to help you deal with your C-section healing. Plus, the colorful numbers don’t look or feel like granny panties either.

#3 Feel Sexy Inside Too

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Once the size of your breasts settles, you can look at experimenting with nursing bras. But before you do that, there’s a lot you should know about them.

For starters, nursing bras don’t fit like a dream. They tend to smash your girls together. And when the bra isn’t doing that, expect it to irritate your back fat. In short, these bras fail at holding your mommy breasts up.

Secondly, nursing bras look quite ancient. And not in a good way! They’re frumpy looking things. That may be even your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t have worn when she was young.

You don’t even get color options with the majority of nursing bras. You’re stuck with either black or nude.

So what’s the moral of the story here? That you either stand by your regular bras during postpartum. Just make sure you get the right size. Or you choose an excellent maternity nursing bra.

#4 Let Your Boobs Breathe

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Let’s not forget that your breasts are going be huge, aching, and leaky. During the first few weeks after childbirth that is. So there’s no chance you’ll be able to stuff them into your regular bras.

But here’s something you can do. There are some amazing quality sleeping bras. They’re crafted to allow your mommy bosoms to breathe and rest. While you’re sleeping that too! However, it’s better to buy more than just one pair. In case the one gets messy due to your leaky breasts!

Let me be completely honest with you here. These types of bras are incredibly comfortable and soft. There’s absolutely no denying that. They offer generous amounts of support. To help you deal with the postpartum stage. Up until you can start wearing your real bras!

#5 Always Choose Function

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As I mentioned earlier, nursing and maternity wear is outrageously priced. So the better option is to buy simple, affordable clothing. That is also functional! Meaning you should buy basics you can run errands wearing.

Now think of your newborn feeling hungry in the middle of a chore. For such times, you require a top, for instance, that is very convenient for breastfeeding.

You can always select some basic staples to pair up with your normal outfits. For example, a nursing or stretchy tank top with a pair of yoga pants. But just make sure that these regular tops have a crossover layer or elastic neckline. And don’t hesitate to buy a size up. This slightly loose fit allows you to lift the top for nursing your baby.

Now that you know 5 tips for postpartum clothes, are you ready to put them into practice? These are simple ways to make the most of your available resources. So you don’t really have to spend loads of money. In order to gain access to comfort!

Comfortable clothing post-pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean maternity wear. Elastic waistbands, stretchy fabrics, crossover bodices, etc. There are plenty of practical garment options out there. That’s the best part about the current market. That it offers so many choices. And for all types of budgets!

If you have any more tips as regards to postpartum clothes, please do share them with us here.

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Laura Cooper is one of the very few bloggers that have managed to break out of the shell. She focuses more on the negative, real aspects of daily life. Simply by talking about it and discussing the different ways to deal with them. Instead of making everything sound like it’s a dream come true. Be it working as a parent, taking care of your baby, or buying useful products online.

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