Interracial Dating: Leave Love Restrictions in the Past

The road to interracial dating and marriage has been a long and tumultuous road. Miscegenation (commonly known now as interracial marriage) laws were in effect before the United States was even established. It wasn't until 1967 that the Supreme Court decided to deem anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, that interracial marriages became entirely legal in the United States, although some states had previously legalized it.

During that time, whites couldn't marry blacks, Native Americans couldn't marry blacks, and even Asians couldn't marry other races. Besides the division that caused, imagine how many opportunities at love were lost because of such demeaning laws. Now, times have changed, and we're all free to date and marry whoever we choose.

If you're single and have been looking for love, by deciding to be open to interracial dating, you can expand your options for finding a meaningful relationship. Below are four benefits of entering into an interracial relationship.

1. Learning about another culture or religion

Have you ever wondered about Mexican traditions like Dia de los Muertos (day of the Dead) or what the language spoken in Egypt or Ethiopia is? Or even what the religious beliefs of many Asians are? Through interracial dating, you can learn about various cultures and religions, without unbiased undertones that are taught in schools. By learning a variety of cultures, it will make you more ‘worldly’ and increase your knowledge. Imagine all that you'll have to talk about at the next cocktail party you'll be attending.

2. Being exposed to new ways of thinking

If you were raised in a homogenous neighborhood, you might have a conservative way of seeing the world. For example, by experiencing something new like going to an Ethiopian restaurant with your Ethiopian girlfriend or going to a traditional Mexican wedding with your Mexican boyfriend, you'll begin to gain a new outlook. You become open to learning more about your significant other's upbringing, family, and beliefs. All the while, you experience their traditions and interests seeing the world in a new light. More and more, you'll become more open-minded, teaching you to compromise and be flexible.

3. You may learn a new language

Have you been 'dying' to learn a different language? Well, dating someone outside of your race can assist you with that. You can have your new love interest teach you new words, as you casually pick up on different sayings, and eventually lead to conversational dialogue in a new language. The bonus to that is their parents or grandparents will be impressed. 

4. You teach others

There's nothing better than practicing what you preach. If you're opening yourself up to other people, you're showing those who may be more cautious than you that it's safe to take a risk, and to step outside of their comfort zone. As you learn to respect others and their differences, the chances are those around you will, too.

Anything new can seem intimidating, but the key is that you don't limit yourself. To not limit yourself means you don't put restrictions on love. It's important to be open to the possibility of interracial dating so to increase your potential partner pool. By doing so, not only will you become more understanding of other cultures, but you'll also learn some new things along the way, all in the name of finding love.

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