Best Theme Parks in Orlando

Orlando, a famous city in the state of Florida, is sometimes called the Theme Park Capital of the world. Home to some of the most iconic parks of this century, Orlando does have other attractions as well. However, some of Orlando's theme parks are simply so iconic that you can not miss out on them while visiting the city. Housing parks envisioned by Universal Studios and Disney, the city is where dreams come true. Read on to know more about the best theme parks in Orlando.

Universal Studios Florida, Orlando

1. Universal Studios

One of the biggest theme parks in the city, Universal Studios brings together the world of so many fictional and fantasy characters that it is a must visit. If you are a Harry Potter fan, head to Diagon Alley. Or go on the Mayhem ride if you love Despicable Me. There are roller coaster rides here as well as scary rides where, for example, you have to escape the wrath of a Mummy. Theme parks do not get a whole lot better than this! Classics like E.T., Shrek and Terminator come to life here, which you and your family can enjoy together.

Magic Kingdom Disney, Florida, Orlando
2. Magic Kingdom
A theme park by Disney, you might recognise this place by the 189 feet high castle sitting in the centre. One of the oldest theme parks in the city, this beautiful place comes with six themed sections - Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Main Street USA, Adventureland, Liberty Square and Frontierland. 

The best part about Magic Kingdom is its appeal to not only children but adults as well. Over the years, the park has been upgraded, new sections and rides have been added, but the charm of the place stays intact. With different characters from Disney movies like Donald, Jack Sparrow, different princesses and much more, the Magic Kingdom is a must-visit.

3. Aquatica

Another theme park in the city, Aquatica has everything - a zoo, amusement park, aquarium as well as water park - all rolled into one. Around 40 slides, a grand sandy beach and group of cabanas available on rent, this place is perfect for a day out frolicking in the Florida sun. 

There are water chutes, dolphins, and so many more things which you can enjoy here. The wildlife makes the water park quite distinct from other such places. One of the best rides here has to be Dolphin Plunge which is a water slide going through the dolphin habitat in the park. Do not miss out.

Epcot, Florida, Orlando

4. Epcot
One of the largest parks in the whole of Orlando, Epcot is another product of Disney. It has an aquarium, multiple attractions, a huge lagoon, and many more such exciting experiences on offer. The name actually stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, as the park in fact was started as a place to showcase the latest technology and innovation from all around the world. 

You will also find another interesting showcase here, featuring miniatures covering different aspects of life from almost all the countries of the world. Apart from all the educational features, Epcot has the regular fun rides and other attractions too, which make the place a good mix of entertainment and awareness.

So, how about planning a trip to Orlando and reliving your childhood  at these theme parks.

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