Vintage Shopping Advice and Tips

For style conscious women, vintage stores have remained a great way to get cool and unique clothes and accessories. From second-hand savants to shoes and dresses, vintage is the easiest way to get good products cheaply. One of the challenges you may have encountered is finding the right products. It can prove challenging to find perfect pre-loved pieces. To help you work around the dilemma, here are guidelines that will allow you to choose the best products while vintage shopping.

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Hold Garments to the Light

Many vintage shops are dark and you are likely to pay for garments that are not in good shape. The best thing to do while shopping in those shops is to hold the garment up to the light to see if it has any flaws. When you hold it to the light, if there are torn areas or patches the light will shine through and you will easily tell if it’s worth the money. 

You can buy online from Shein, but while doing so make sure to check for all information about the product to ensure there are no flaws. You can even take the extra step to chat with support to know more about the product before you place your order.

Check the Armpits

In terms of importance, the armpits are a key part of your purchase and will help you to know if the product is in good state. When a top is worn for a long time without proper cleaning, the armpits get damaged by sweat and will sometimes form a patch of a different color from the rest of the cloth. Check that the armpits are clean and there are no stains of any kind. This is a hidden area and many people only realize later after they have bought.

Check the Fastenings

Small details like the buttons and zips are easy to forget to check. Before buying vintage clothes, check that all buttons are intact and inspect all fastenings to ensure no pieces are missing. The area around the neck line and the cuffs should also be inspected and don’t forget to check that the belt is attached. If there are things that are missing and you are sure you can find a replacement, you should negotiate a discount because the garment is not complete.

Try it On

To confirm if it’s the perfect size for you, it’s important to try it on you. Sometimes you cannot tell the true potential of what you are buying until you test it on your body. Shop with an open mind and make sure to try different designs until you land what satisfies you fully. Don’t just pick what you come across immediately you enter the shop.

Shopping vintage is sometimes challenging because you have to choose from many products. This is a process that involves checking for quality and size to allow you to get the perfect gift for you. Experiment with different sizes and make sure the garment is in good shape. Finding the best apparel or accessories should not be hard if you can stick to these guidelines.

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