Hottest New Features for Luxury Car Segments

The luxury car segment epitomizes technological advancement in the motor industry. Luxury vehicles are packed with some space-ship like features. Every single year, the motoring industry awes the world with new features that are incorporated in the luxury vehicles. In the recent past, the followings are the hottest new features that have been put in luxury vehicles.

Interior features

Many people think of luxury vehicles as extravagant and not worth the price tag. However, this is because most have not gotten the chance to get into one and to experience the pristine interior. As crazy as it might sound, luxury cars offer the best deals when you consider the interior features.

Modern luxury vehicles are fitted with state of the art navigation systems not found on other models. You can get traffic reports and even find the shortest and quickest route to your desired restaurant all from your car’s dashboard. On the dashboards, you also find the infotainment system with online connectivity. Most luxury vehicles actually incorporate tablets and iPads for each passenger into their interior design.

Other interior features that make driving more comfortable include the cruise control systems where a driver can follow a car ahead of it at a set distance. Some have sensors that can detect when the driver is getting sleepy and give them a warning.

Exterior and Safety Features

The main feature that is added to the exterior of these vehicles is cameras. Most luxury vehicles now have a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s exterior from the cameras. Cameras have made it possible to develop self-parking systems that allow you to park the car without actually being behind the steering wheel. The cameras can detect parking spaces and lines and park the car at the touch of a button or even a remote control.

Some luxury cars such as the Mercedes S class sedan have infrared and night vision cameras that improve visibility at night. Luxury cars are being fitted with sensors that prevent collisions by automatically applying brakes when you get too close to an object. LED headlights are also being used in virtually all luxury vehicles.

Off-road features

In the recent past, there has been a growing interest in off-road vehicles and off-roading capabilities. In the past few years, the number of luxury SUVs and crossovers has increased tremendously. Some of the newer luxury SUVs and crossovers are:
Bentley Bentayga
Lamborghini Urus
Range Rover Velar

Aside from these SUVs, normal luxury vehicles such as sedans are being fitted with off-road features. Most are fitted with All-wheel drive (AWD) which allows the vehicle to send more power to the rear wheels if need be. Luxury cars are also increasingly being fitted with multiple driving modes that allow for both off-road and on-road driving. Some such as the Range Rovers have automatic terrain response systems that automatically adjust the suspension and ride-height when they detect rough roads.

The amazing features that are found on luxury vehicles normally end up on mainstream vehicles in a few years. With the rapid technological and scientific advancements, it is quite possible that we will soon have a luxury flying car.

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