Vampire Bloody Facials Live Demo @ Toscana

Well few weeks ago I was privileged to witness Bye-Bye Scars Vampire Blood Facials Live Demo @ Toscana Medi Clinic, Publika, Solaris. Mind you, both of these treatments are non-surgical and I have not try them yet but was eager to know more about it and how could it helps to improve our skin conditions. Have you try Vampire Blood Facials or also known as PRP and CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment before? If yes please share your experience. If no please check it out.

Vampire Blood Facials Live Demo @ Toscana Medi Clinic 

Both of these treatments has their own benefits, the Vampire Blood Facials (PRP) is mainly for skin cells regeneration and CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment is targeted for scars and uneven skin surface.

Vampire Blood Facials Live Demo @ Toscana Medi Clinic 

Basically that weekend a few bloggers were invited to Toscana Medi Clinic located at Publika, Solaris for their Vampire Blood Facials (PRP) and CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment.

Vampire Bloody Facials (PRP)

Vampire Bloody Facials (PRP)

Vampire Bloody Facials therapy is also known as PRP or Dracula Facials. It is a process whereby blood is drawn from the patient’s body in manner similar to that blood test, which is then placed in a machine that separates the blood cells, platelets and serum. This is then re-injected into the area that requires improvements or treatments or rejuvenation.

The platelets help the body to repair itself by stimulating the skin cells to generate new tissues, improve skin tone and collagen production. Its helps the skin to grow back healthily, appear more vibrant and plump. Doctor will recommends 2 to 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart, but it may vary. Results should be noticeable within 3 weeks after the treatment.  

CO2 Fractional Laser

This is for those who has scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, especially those who has deep acne scars. The CO2 Fractional Laser treatment helps skin to resurface wiyh unique technology known as fractional photothermolysis that can penetrate deeply into the dermis and boost the skin natural healing process.

After Vampire Bloody Facials (PRP) Treatment 
According to the bloggers, during the treatment there were some tingling sensation but it’s not painful; partly because they have applied numb cream prior to the treatment. Overall the treatment took about 20 minutes and it’s done. There were some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment but after a few hours subside. That’s depends on the individual skin conditions.

Toscana Medi Clinic
Location: Lot 01 & 02 Level G4 Block D5 , Solaris Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6143 8866

For more information about Vampire Blood Facials and CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment, please visit Toscana Medi Clinic Website and Facebook


  1. Vampire blood special treatment ada kat sini wah menarik. Tapi nak maintain wajah cantik mmg ada kosnya. Zaman perubatan dan dunia kecantikan semakin canggih

  2. best ! mula-mula i takot dengar cerita PRP kat tempat lain sakittt gilerr ! Tu yang tak nak buat PRP.Tapi kat sini dia tunjuk prp tak berapa nak sakit sangat .. Wuu boleh buat ni sebav muka i ada masalah sikit hehe nak claimed baucer sblm raya :)

  3. Every beauty good it's pay. To maintain it is better than to repair it. Interesting treatment and I believe many would want too...

  4. Ini nampak menakutkan. Kalau dah hilang numb cream effect tu still pedih-pedih tak muka? Ke dia bagi bawa balik numb cream afterwards?


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