Bangalore to Mysore, A Culture Trip

Bangalore is close to some of India’s best cultural destinations. One can enjoy quick day trips or spend a whole weekend exploring some of these exotic trails. Mysore is one such destination, a city with many layers and a rich history. Rent a car and enjoy a drive through the countryside and explore the natural and architectural beauty of Karnataka’s cultural capital.

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Attractions of Mysore

Mysore is a town of many landmarks. The Mysore Palace has graced many pictures and works of film and its grandeur will enamour anyone who gazes upon it. The palace features a blend of many architectural styles, borrowing from the best of Rajput, Hindu, Mughal and Gothic designs. An arched gateway defines the main entrance to the complex and holds the coat of arms of the Mysore royals. 

The palace complex also has many gardens spread out along with many temples. Drive over to the outskirts of Mysore and visit the hill-top Chamundeshwari Temple. Enjoy the winding drive along the forests that make the fringe of the city.  

The Jaganmohan Palace is another place of interest. It houses an art gallery which includes paintings by Raja Ravi Varma, one of India’s most prominent artists. Another of Mysore’s famous sites, the St. Philomena’s Cathedral is an imposing example of Gothic architecture. 

The Mysore Zoo is one of the oldest in the region and houses a wide variety of species. The lions and tigers here are the main attractions. Located next to the zoo, the Karanji Lake is a serene spot and home to several bird species. When in Mysore one needs to explore the local markets. Silk and sandalwood artefacts are famous exports of this town. The picturesque Brindavan gardens are another famous attraction of Mysore. 

These beautifully landscaped gardens are located close to a dam on the Kaveri River, the lifeline of Southern India. Some of the highlights here are the topiary works and the musical fountains. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride on a small lake in the garden premises. Mysore is home to a unique open-air railway museum where visitors can catch a glimpse of rare steam locomotives and much more.

Mysore is a perfect destination for food lovers. Travellers can indulge in the finest of local cuisines, from the ubiquitous masala dosa to sweet dishes like the Mysore pak. The Oyster Bay is a good place to unwind over a beer and the seafood here is loved by the loyal patrons. Vangi Baath, boiled rice with egg plant, is a comfort food associated with the city.

Travel with Freedom

Public transport in Mysore can be a bit spotty and put a dampener on the best of itineraries. Instead, a self drive Bangalore to Mysore cab would provide an end-to-end transport solution. Self drive also gives travellers complete privacy and the freedom to take detours and make impromptu stops. Companies like Zoomcar ensure that all this convenience comes at a fair price.

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