10 Interesting Facts About Chocolates And Strawberries

Chocolates and strawberries are dreamy food that almost everyone loves. The two are not only children’s favorite, but also win the hearts of the adults. Individuals from all walks of life do all it takes to have a bar of chocolate or a bite of strawberry. Both chocolates and strawberries aren’t simple food. In fact, there are websites such as Berries.com, books, podcasts, and documentaries devoted to both strawberries and chocolates and their delectable involution.

Chocolates, Strawberries
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Spring is finally here, and birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and strawberry vines are producing fruits. Surprisingly, strawberries are among the first fruits to ripen in the spring, and that’s enough explanation as to why May is “national strawberry month”. To celebrate, I will continue and give you five facts each about chocolates and strawberries.

Top Five Facts about Chocolates

1. Chocolate was a form of currency

I know the statement sounds crazy, but I can tell you it’s the truth. During the Maya and Aztec times, the cacao beans which are used to make chocolates were used as a form of payment. One funny thing about this currency is the fact that individuals would go as far as making fake beans with clay.

2. The world's biggest chocolate bar weighed 12,770 pounds

One surprising fact about the candy’s weight is that world’s most massive candy weighed 5792.50 kg (12770 pounds). According to The Guinness World Record, the chocolate bar was made by Thornton PLC, UK on September 7, 2011.

3. The chocolate chip cookie came by accident

In the 30’s, Ruth Grave Wakefield was trying to make a batch of butter drop do cookies for guest at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. However, Ruth was surprised that the chocolate chips in the batter stayed intact and that’s how a recipe to the delicious cookies was born.

Ruth, often termed by many as the mother of chocolate chip cookies’ never ceased to amaze. She sold the great recipe to Nestle. However, she never received any money but instead, she ought for a lifetime supply of chocolate, a deal that I’m sure you would also have considered.

4. A cocoa tree takes about a year to produce beans that can make 10 Hershey bars

According to a book by Sherry-Marie Perguson, And Then God Made Chocolate, a single cacao tree takes almost a year to produce beans that can make 10 Hershey chocolate bars. So try and imagine the number of cacao trees needed to produce enough chocolate bars for consumers around the world.

5. A bar of chocolate stimulates the brain more than a kiss

Before, studies revealed that kissing stimulates one’s brain. Related studies have revealed that a bar of chocolate can also stimulate the brain but more. The delicious bar releases more endorphins in the brain hence influencing a higher stimulation. Also, studies have revealed that a chocolate bar increases one’s heart rate.

Top five facts about strawberries

1. Strawberries can do magic to the heart

In the recent past, cases of heart-related diseases have been on the rise and cost many lives. Surprisingly, research has revealed that strawberries can lower risk of heart attacks. Also, their consumption decreases inflammation, blood pressure, as well as LDL cholesterol hence preventing stroke. The same research went ahead to reveal that individuals who consumed about three servings of anthocyanin-rich strawberries lowered the risks of a heart attack by 30 percent.

2. Each Strawberry has 200 seeds

From the fruit’s outside, one can see tiny bumps. These are the strawberries seeds or ovaries, as known scientifically. Strawberry is one of the only fruits with seeds on the exterior. One surprising fact about the fruit is that it has about 200 seeds. Thus, strawberries remain one of the few fiber-rich fruits.

3. Strawberries sharpen one’s brain

As we age, our mind also tends to wear out. However, studies have revealed that strawberries can help a lot when it comes to keeping the brain fit. Animals fed with strawberry supplements have shown to improve their memory and cognition abilities. There is a specific bioflavonoid in the fruit that helps prevent memory loss.

4. Strawberries are rich in nutrients

Earlier, I stated that strawberry is one of the few fruits rich in fiber. However, the small fruits don’t only have fiber but also have potassium, antioxidants, and folate which are suitable for the body. Besides, the fruits have several flavonoids which help in preventing chronic diseases.

5. Strawberries are all-American

The United States is the most significant producer of strawberries around the world. Annually, the country produces about three billion pounds of strawberries. The country’s climatic conditions make it favorable to grow the fruits.

Chocolates and strawberries are the best foods for both the young and the old. While celebrating the month of strawberry, it’s good to know a few facts about the two. Some of the facts may be familiar, but most of them are entirely new. I hope that you find all interesting.

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  1. Oh Gosh, there're lots of info there that I did not know - most surprised by #4 on chocolates and #5 on strawberries. Totally love to eat both!


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