7 Accessories Where Designer Labels are Worth the Investment

There are the genuine designer labels and then there are all of the knock-off brands. You can often save quite a chunk by going with the off brand or imitations, but at what cost? Some things you can get away with, others not so much. Who makes your accessories does matter, and so does the quality of the construction. Here are seven examples of accessories where designer labels are worth the investment.

7 Accessories Where Designer Labels are Worth the Investment

Your Purse

It is hard to find a good purse that will last without buying name brand. The difference in the construction, the materials, and the craftsmanship is worth the extra money to have a bag for years rather than months.

Think of it this way: a leather purse can last for nearly a decade (not that you should carry it for that long), while a knock off special may only last for a few months. Your purse is an investment, and designer labels mean more than just status. A famous designer is famous for two reasons: craftsmanship and fashion like Chloé.

Those Shoes

Buying new shoes is fun. There are so many choices between styles and colors, but the comfort of your feet matters a lot, and cheaping out means shoes could hurt your feet and that the shoes probably won’t last long.

Stick with the name brands, those whose origins and materials you are familiar with to get the shoes with both comfort and durability to go with their good looks.


From Polarized lenses to quality frame construction, name brand sunglasses stand out. they also stand out when it comes to warranty. Scratch resistant lenses, replaceable arms, and even the ability to be prescription glasses will make all the difference when you are spending hours in the sun.

Don’t opt out of the real deal and be careful if you are purchasing online. There are a lot of fakes out there, and they won’t last, and you won’t have any recourse when it comes to warranty.

Also, lenses are important. If your lenses say they are shatterproof, they should be shatterproof. Real designers will have what they say they have. Cheaper brands may skimp on those things to save money.


Jewelry is always on sale, and there is nothing wrong with buying it at a discount, but you need to be careful where you buy. Jewelry purchased online is often made with fake stones, inferior metal, and it isn’t made to last. Good luck with the warranty when the company disappears.

This is not always true. There are some genuine designers who sell online, but the rule of thumb is to know your brand, know your jeweler, and if a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is.


Jeans are more than just the name on your waist, but they are about construction. While you can occasionally find good denim in cheap or knock off jeans, you won’t find the same construction that you do in designer brands. This is the big difference. Stitching denim is an art, and there is a definite disparity between designers and knock-off brands.

The thread quality, rivets, buttons, zippers, and snaps all matter and make the difference between a product that lasts and one that is easy to dispose of. Choose the designer brand, and keep those jeans around for a while.


This rule applies to everything from everyday wear like bras and panties to those special outfits for those romantic evenings. Why does designer matter so much in this area?

● Stain resistance: fabrics that wash well last, and stain and odor resistance matters.

Fit: Good quality lingerie will come in a variety of sizes to match the body style of almost anyone. Knock offs and cheap brands come in a compromising selection of middle of the road sizes that won’t fit well.

Durability. From elastic waist bands to clasps and underwires, there are a number of things that can wear out on any piece of lingerie. Prevent this by sticking with name brand.

Remember that what you wear under your clothes is nearly as important as the clothes themselves so keep that in mind when you are shopping around and find cheap imitators.

Anything Leather

We already mentioned leather when it comes to handbags and shoes, but the same is true for belts, wallets, watch bands, and other accessories. If it is made of leather, name brand matters. From the quality of the leather itself to the stitching and construction, buckles, and more, a lot of things affect how long an item will last.

The thing about leather is that it is usually an investment. These items are not cheap, at least if the material is real leather and not a pleather imitation. Even knock offs can be relatively expensive. So choose name brand so you know what you are getting both in genuine materials and the quality of other components.

Name brand does not always matter, and sometimes a knock-off is all you need to get by, but if you want something that will last, especially when it comes to these seven items, paying the extra for a designer label truly is worth it.

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