THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club & Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Hey! THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club is setting the trends for Spring / Summer 2018. Sophisticated, expressive and traversing all generations, combine high fashion looks with enthusiasm for jewellery and a completely new expression to match our personality. Plus I have a good news to share, now you can shop THOMAS SABO latest jewellery exclusively in their new online store. Check it out…

THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club & Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Well, I’m so excited to share about THOMAS SABO’s new Generation Charm Club and Spring Summer 2018 Collection plus their latest online store. So let’s start with the Generation Charm Club, I love its versatility, expressive and sophisticated yet traversing all generations. 

THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club & Spring Summer 2018 Collection Launch at Pavilion KL

This collection sparkles with around 260 restyled, high quality Charm designs in 925 Sterling silver, on trend 18k yellow gold plating and classic natural materials.

THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club Collection

There are endless possibilities for us to play mix and match, restyle our own jewellery to match our personality, mood and occasions. With their different sizes and structures, these new Charms are perfectly suited to modern layering styles. With cool vintage stylistics, extra-large Charms, seductive single earrings as well as a wealth of different carriers, including necklaces, bracelets and hinged hoops, surprise with a completely new feeling when worn.

THOMAS SABO Generation Charms & Charm Necklace

I’ve got some of the charms, including this latest 18k yellow gold platted charm necklace, lovely isn’t it. However there are still many rooms for me to add my charm collection, oh well I have spotted a few for myself and also some for my mom too. All of them are so cool, so hard to resist!

THOMAS SABO Mother’s Day Charms & now you can shop 24 7 at THOMAS SABO Online Store

Oh ya! If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts or something for yourself or your loved ones do head over to THOMAS SABO new online store here to check out their latest collections.  

THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection SABO 

As for THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection is focusing on the iconic design language of the Sterling Silver Collection with vivid colours, elaborately designed and cultural diversity. From artistic, tropically mythical motifs through to edgy wearable hinged hoops, as new style codes of the season plus 18k yellow gold plating is the new en-vogue precious metal of the season.  

Tropical THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Highlight the contrast between the dark green of the jungle, the colours of the animals and plants and sparkling light reflections in masterfully crafted jewellery creations. The parrot and the sunstone amulet sparkle with their vibrant colours, Aztec-inspired patterns and filigree decoration. In addition, long necklaces with swinging feathers as well as rings, earrings and bracelets. The THOMAS SABO Snake fascinates for the first time as a ring, pendant, bangle or single earring in a green and turquoise look.  

Riviera THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection

The Mediterranean attitude towards life is reflected in the Riviera Colours series. Its casual Boho style appears in filigree-classic bracelets, ear studs, necklaces and rings, in which turquoise-coloured, red and green stones casually coalesce. The long and short necklaces really come into their own in the en-vogue layer look. 

Ocean Stars THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Ocean Stars

To complement this fun-loving design, the starfish in the Ocean Stars series is experiencing a revival and, especially as a statement ring in an extraordinary starfish shape, becomes a truly maritime eye-catcher. 

Classic Silver & Pyramid Studs THOMAS SABO Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Classic Silver & Pyramid Studs 

As an antithesis to the Avant-Garde series, the urban inspired Classic Silver series inspires with its reduced minimalism. En-vogue jewellery for the ear is in focus. With hinged hoops with various pendants and sizes to draw attention to the ear with your own creations. 

The Rebel at heart line impresses with the Pyramid Studs series. Cross pendants and bangles with rock’n’roll rivet look will from now on supplement the expressive THOMAS SABO design language. Chokers and bracelets for which handcut, classic stones and Sterling silver. 

For more information and updates about THOMAS SABO Generation Charm Club & Spring Summer 2018 Collection, please check our THOMAS SABO e-store, Facebook and Instagram


  1. beautiful charm there. heard about Thomas Sabo. Not cheap thou but long lasting. those who love charm perhaps this would be their choice.

  2. cantik la semua tu..rekaan dia memang nampak superb..sesuai untuk wanita- wanita berkerjaya dan wanita2 yang sophisticated. Harga mesti mahal kan kelly. I suka spring summer collection...cantiknyaaaaaa

  3. The necklace so beautiful! I don't have any necklace since I'm wearing scarf so i feels I don't need one but after scrolling all their collection I fall in love.i need one !

  4. Byk koleksi Thomas sabo utk spring and summer Nice collection.. I suka yg butterfly tu ..oh bole beli online tp better pegi shopping mall sebab bole test dulu

  5. Thomas Sabo memang barangan dia cantik-cantik. Yang mother's day charm tu cantik sangat, kalau lah anak sis bagi kat sis ni..fuhh terasa bahagia weii..hehehe

  6. Omg!!!!I love the heart design..Semua namoak cantik la. Pakai untuk raya okey juga nih kan. All the design memang nanpak unik dan up to date. Love it

  7. all so pretty so thinking which is nice for me. Shall let my dear know if I have chosen one. :D

  8. All the charms are looking beautiful, exotic and very inviting. And that necklace you were wearing, so beautiful and looking regal too.


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