Physiotherapy For Back Pain

The fast-paced lives of recent times demand that we work hard to support ourselves. Working hard, in our current situation, could mean sitting on uncomfortable chairs and staring at our computer screens for hours on end. Continuous sitting can give rise to a number of physical ailments, the most common being lower back aches. Incorrect postures like slouching strain the muscles and ligaments around the spine, thereby leading to overstretching of muscles and causing acute pain in the lower back.

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Lower back aches can become very uncomfortable and deteriorate the day to day routine making lives difficult and unhealthy. Recurring lower backaches or pains that have continued for a long time are causes for concern. However, chronic lower back pain can be treated with the proper physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapy aims at treating illnesses, injuries, pains and diseases with the use of physical methods like massage, exercise and heat treatments instead of depending on medicines.

A physical therapy for backaches is designed to decrease the discomfort in the back muscles, increase the functionality of the ligament and tendons and maintain the ability of movement of the affected area. In cases of acute chronic backaches, most physiotherapists recommend two types of treatments to offer relief. They either suggest a passive physical therapy or active physical therapy.


Also known as modalities, a passive back pain treatment includes heat and electrical simulations to relax the muscles. Some of the major treatments included in modalities are:

● Heat/Cold Treatment: The most commonly used modality treatment, heat, and cold compresses help in reducing inflammations of the muscles and alleviate acute aches. Heat treatments packs and ice packs are easily available and are usually applied for ten to twenty minutes to lessen spasms in the muscle as well.

● Iontophoresis: The process involves the application of steroids through the skin with the use of an electrical current. The steroid is first rubbed on the skin, then a mild electrical current is administered which causes the steroids to migrate under the skin and start healing the damaged and stressed muscles.

● Electrotherapy using TENS: An electrotherapy treatment using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) technique is used for the modulation of pain sensations in the back by overriding the signals of pain that are transmitted to the brain through the nerves and substantially decreasing the pain.

● Ultrasound: This technique of modality uses sound waves to penetrate the soft tissues and utilize their deep heating properties to enhance the process of muscle and tissue healing.


Active physical treatment comprises of small exercises and stretches that work towards increasing the mobility of the spine to activate the muscles and reduce back pain. The exercises are mainly focused on improving the condition of the spine by stabilizing the posterior muscles to support the lower back.

A back pain treatment at home is possible by booking an appointment with a physiotherapist who can administer the treatment within the comfort of your home and allow you to recuperate from your ailments with ease.

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