The Science Behind Flowers and Fragrance

The sense of smell is the most powerful one among all senses. According to a research, you are 100 percent more likely to remember something that you smelled than the one you saw or heard. So, now you know why the freshly baked cookies remind you of your grandmother and the fragrance of roses compels you to take the trip down the memory lane and reminds you of your first crush! And yes, weird smelling chemical shit helping the spies to nab the culprits - it all makes sense now.

The Science Behind Flowers and Fragrance

The fragrance has a deep impact on the human psyche. When the fragrance is related to online aniversary flowers delivery in Bangalore, it has a deep impact on the moods, emotional well-being and overall psychology. Since Shakespeare’s time, flowers are used to convey romance and love. The deep connection to one’s emotions and feelings, the happiness and mood elevating properties of flowers are more behavioural than just superficial and societal.

The Anatomy of flowers and their fragrances

Each flower has a special chemical that gives them their special scent. For instance, lily flowers’ sweet yet lingering scent or the strong fragrance of Tudor roses is due to the signature chemical in them. Usually, roses have phenylethylamine that acts as a barrier to the breakdown of happy chemical agents- beta-endorphins. 

As a result, you feel happy for a longer time and can feel it too! It is like flowers giving you a euphoria and high, which don’t give you a hangover and isn’t detrimental to your body either. These signature flower properties are used in aromatherapy to induce better sleep and relaxation in spas.

In love...with the shape of you

Curvy flower shapes such as of marigolds and roses are believed to be more beautiful and have more relaxing and a “happy” impact on you.


The brighter colours in flowers tend to relax you more. However, the bold colours will make you feel energised and more productive. Hence, they are the perfect choice for a workplace and boardroom meetings. If you are planning to pick a mixed flower bouquet delivery in Chennai, ensure that you go for colours that are close to each other in a colour wheel. The farther they are, the less calming and less dramatic effect they would create.

Feel loved, cared for and happy with flowers.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.” Mae West

A flower bouquet can alter your brain chemistry (in a good way) and make you more receptive to happy, positive feelings.

A study conducted by Rutgers University, New Jersey confirms so. According to this study, flowers and their presence have a positive and uplifting effect on our minds, almost instantly. The blooms not only boost moods but also help us to form emotional bonds and strengthen them. Maybe this is why a sight of roses on a morning stroll make us happy and brighten up our day. 

Sweet Petunia: The Science Behind Flowers and Fragrance

In a separate study, it has been found out that having floral arrangements such as fresh flower bouquets or beautiful flower baskets at workstations can help employees to keep stress in check and make them more productive. Be it the unusual sunflowers, the classiest choice of red roses, dainty peonies or opulent orchids - flowers are meant to spread happiness all over.

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