MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips & Fish Skin Crisps So Addictive

Hey! Seriously these MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips & Fish Skin Crisps are so addictive. Once I start I can’t stop till I finished the whole pack. Oh well, salted egg is becoming more popular, the salted duck egg with its strong salty flavor that is able to blend in with all kind of cuisines to create a unique taste. MyChips is one of the pioneer in creating the salted egg potato chips in Malaysia.

MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips & Fish Skin Crisps So Addictive

Here are the 4 types of snacks that are available at MyChips the Slated Egg Potato Chip Original, Slated Egg Potato Chip Spicy, Slated Egg Potato Chip Durian and Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps. I really love the unique salted egg flavor and the refreshing crispness of the potato chip combination is unstoppable.

MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips Spicy & Original & Fish Skin Crisps

I love the Slated Egg Potato Chip Spicy and also their Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps both are so satisfying. MyChips is owned by Malaysia and also produced in Malaysia. It uses all natural ingredients, doesn’t have any flavoring or essence. 

MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips Spicy

MyChips Salted Egg Fish Skin

MyChip uses the finest quality of salted eggs (AA) grade, quality imported potatoes, aromatic curry leaves, and premium quality dried chilies to produce their product.

MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips Spicy

Plus their snacks are produced in a highly hygenic kitchen environment with professional setup. MyChips care for your health, all their chips are oven roasted, not oil fried. The taste has been fine tuned to perfect combination of aroma, taste and aesthetic plus it’s endorsed by Chef TJ Tan, an International Renown Chef.

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MyChips Kiosk at LG-C19 The Gardens Mall

MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips Original / Spicy, 100g @ RM23.90
MyChips Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps, 100g @ RM30.00

Availability: MyChips is now available on MyChip Kiosk at LG-C19 The Gardens Mall and also Homedeal online store at

For more information about MyChips Salted Egg Potato Chips, please visit HomeDeal on Facebook and Website


  1. OMG I like fish-skin chips so much! And this is gonna be so interesting with three different flavours! Gonna try it very soon lah macam ni!

  2. Wow. Nampak sedap. Potato chips original pilihan eiza.

  3. Wow! It's the first time I've heard of this potato chips flavour, and I already feel like I wanna try out the salted egg. definitely an out of this world kinda chips. Would definitely try it out if I ever hit the Gardens!

  4. Oh my God! I'm crazy over anything that's salted egg. From chips to fries to fish skin. And hands down fish skin is my favourite.

  5. Ahhaaa got contest! Okay, this I must join! Haha..
    Anyways, although I've never tried this brand before but the fish skin crisp is something I wouldn't mind trying. I mean, potato chips are a little common but fish skin crisps, well why not? :D

  6. Kerepek baru ke tu? Tak pernah jumpa plak kat market...

  7. We have tried to eat that Fish Skin is delicious and there are so many delicious flavors sometimes lazy while eating watching tv hehehe ..

  8. I pernah juga rasa this one. Inovasi dia macam fruits chips but this one lagi sedap.


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