Video: AEON Wellness Re-Opening @ Atria Shopping Experience

Hey! AEON Wellness just reopened at Atria Shopping Mall and I dropped by recently to buy some of my daily essentials. Check out my shopping experience in this video. You know, I’m really happy that I can buy some of my favourite Japanese products here. 

They have Ichikami haircare range which is one of my favourite shampoo brands. I love the fresh scent of Ichikami Revitalizing Shampoo that contains Japanese botanical essences.

You can only get this Silicot Premium Cotton (Uru Uru Puff) that is made of 100% natural cotton at all AEON Wellness outlets. It’s so soft, smooth and gentle on the skin too. I would personally recommend you to use it with your toner.

Another one of my other favourites is definitely the Hadabisei 3D mask. The mask is bigger than usual with really good skin coverage and I love its moisturizing effect.

Hey not to forget, AEON Wellness also provides free health checks such as Lipid Profile, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Test. The free health checks is with minimum spend of rm120 from now until 6 June (without promo is rm150 minimum spend). Health checks service is also available at rm19.90 only.

Hope you have a great day and enjoy your shopping!

For more information about AEON Wellness Re-Opening @ Atria Shopping Gallery, please visit AEON Retail Malaysia Facebook & Website 


  1. AEON Wellness is one of the place that i go for toiletries and personal care shopping. I think the price is cheaper than other places.

  2. Hurray, they reopen back de. Now I can refurnish my supplement at Aeon Wellness. I usually will buy it from Aeon Wellness as you get points on your J-card, more discounts and the variety of choices provide by Aeon Wellness. Thanks for alerting us.

  3. Wow, shopping and get your health check for wellness. Such a lovely place for the girls. I never know about this before. Glad to kknow it's just reopened

  4. Wah bgusnya boleh buay health check skali kan..tali i jarang masuk aeon wellness time boleh masuk lah


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