4th Malaysia Barista Championship 2013, MBC 2013

Aha! I smell coffee everywhere when I entered Blackbox Map @ Publika… wootz! It’s the launch of 4th Malaysia Barista Championship 2013 by Racing Creatures Sdn Bhd and Barista Guild Asia with the support of the Malaysia Barista Committee. With exclusive partners: MAP, Publika, Tourism Victoria, Global Coffee Resources, Coffex Coffee, Dankoff Coffee, Monin, Nouva Simonelli, Concept Art and Farmhouse Milk.

The coffee culture in Malaysia is growing gradually. I think more people begin to learn and appreciate coffee and also willing to pay more for a cuppa.  Baristas are playing a crucial role in the culture and consumption of specialty coffee.

MBC 2013, Judges, Sponsors, Baristas
MBC 2013 Judges, Sponsors and Baristas

Watch out! Coming up soon The 4th Malaysia Barista Championship will be held on the 23-24rd March 2013 at MAP @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Over two days, MBC 2013 will present a competition worthy of World Barista Championship standards to the public at Blackbox, Map @ Publika. Meanwhile at the Whitebox, Map @ Publika there is platform for industry leaders to showcase and educate the public on the varied array of coffee machinery, beans, brewing methods and specialty café vendors will take place. If you are coffee lovers, come have a cuppa and enriched your coffee knowledge at the same time.

The participants of the MBC 2013

16 baristas from all over the country will display their talent in the art and science of specialty coffee at MBC 2013 with an international panel of judges from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. 4 espresso, 4 cappuccino and 4 signature drinks in 15 minutes – the country’s’ best baristas battle it out to be named MBC 2013 Grand Champion. This year, WBC certified Head Judges, Hendri Kurniawan (Indonesia) and Ross Bright (Singapore) would lead this group of judges.

 JH Yee, Champion of MBC 2012

The grand champion of MBC 2013 have the chance to observe the World Barista Championship 2013 happening in Melbourne as well as enjoy 4D/5N in Melbourne plus coffee tour and access to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in May 2013, courtesy of Tourism Victoria; as well as a 3D/2N coffee farm tour in the Gayo Highlands courtesy Global Coffee Resources. Plus a Nuova Simonelli Musica V 1Group (Black) coffee machine sponsored by Dankoff Coffee on behalf of Nuova Simonelli.  

During the launch, a short video presentation from Tourism Victoria showcasing the wonders of Melbourne and its colorful coffee culture and showcase the Café Pit-Stop Standees.   The Café Pit-stop Standees depicts the coffee cultures of Melbourne as well as information regarding the 4th Malaysia Barista Championship. The standees will be placed around selected cafes in the surrounding Klang Valley over entire month of March and can be seen at the following cafes Artisan Roast Cafe, The Bee, EspressoLab, Coffee Stain, Top Brew Café, Departure Lounge, Red Bean Bag, Coffea Coffee and Coffee Chemistry Signature.

Performance by Amrita Soon

Mocktails by Monin premium syrups

my latte by EspressoLab 

For more information about the Malaysia Barista Championship 2013, please go to https://www.facebook.com/MalaysiaBaristaChampionship

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