A Tribute to Avon Women on International Women’s Day

A Tribute to Avon Women on International Women’s Day  2013

Recognizing The Special Women of Avon. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Avon Malaysia, the company for women, was all set to celebrate this joyous day with its female associates in a big way, highlighting the theme “A Tribute to Avon Women”.

To commemorate the special day, each female associate (staff) received an exclusively designed Avon Teddy Bear and warm welcomes by the top management including Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Avon Managing Director, department heads and their male associates at the entrance upon their arrival in the morning.

A line of events were scheduled in the afternoon such as band performance, lucky draw and a self defense workshop followed by the most anticipated program, Recognition Awards presented to 3 empowering female associates in Avon Malaysia. The event ended with a buffet feast specially catered for all the associates.

The objective of the self defense workshop is to teach basic steps to protect themselves in case of emergencies, and further highlight the need to end violence against women. The workshop is conducted by Master Saiful from Kickstart Academy. This is one of Avon’s philanthropic efforts in raising awareness for domestic violence.

A Tribute to Avon Women on International Women’s Day From Left to Right Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director Rozelin, Lily, Patma & En Azlan, HR Director

Recognition Award to these three women presented different stories of their personal lives but shared one common goal – to raise their children with their best effort. In recognition of these remarkable women, each of them received a trophy and RM500 cash. They felt appreciated and were proud to be recognized by Avon.

Lily Zaireen Bt Sulaiman, 42, Franchise Consultant
She is a widowed mother of 3 children since 29 years old. With a strong will to raise her children, she strives to work hard and never give up. She wakes up at 6am every morning from Serendah to Avon Head Office. For over 20 years in Avon, she started off as a Cashier Clerk and now she has been promoted as a Franchise Consultant. She pushed herself to pursue her studies in 2005 and graduated in 2007 with a Professional Diploma in Entrepreneur and Business Management. Now, her eldest son is in the University, her daughter is waiting for her SPM results while her youngest son is studying in secondary school.

Rozelin Bt Ahmad, 53, Distribution Resources Planning Officer
She is a widowed mother of 5 children and is diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago. She has been with Avon for more than 32 years. She wakes up as early as 3 in the morning to prepare breakfast to sell at Avon’s head office canteen. With her small business, she is able to save some money to raise her children. Now, 4 of her children are working with stable income and 1 of them is studying in college.

Bhaherathi D/O C Ratnam (Pathma), 45, Assistant Mgr Supply Chain Finance
She is a proud mother with 3 children. Her eldest son is Saresh who got straight As in UPSR, PMR and SPM and he is currently sponsored by the government in a matriculation college. He is a role model to the other siblings. Sharmilla, her daughter followed the brother’s footstep and scored all As in her UPSR & PMR. Pathma hopes her youngest son will excel like his brother and sister. She has always advised her children that education is the most important thing in life and spent most of her time coaching and encouraging her children in their schooling. She has a strong bonding with her children and treats them like friends.

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