EVE LOM Intense Hydrating Serum

This is an intense or concentrated moisturising treatment containing hyaluron for long-lasting skin hydration, protection and plumping. Absorb super fast into skin with out any stickiness or oiliness.

The lightweight concentrate boosts the level of Hyaluron that is naturally produced in the body, to rehydrate parched and stressed skin. Hyaluron stores moisture in the skin by forming structures holding up to 99% water for increased hydration. In Clinical trials Hyaluron increased skin hydration by 20% in just 2 hours.

Applied under the EVE LOM TLC Radiance Cream, the active ingredient in the serum increases the effectiveness of the Vitamin C, maximising its antioxidant and brightening properties for more radiant, younger-looking skin. When used daily, skin’s resistance against damaging environmental factors is increased and skin is left looking smoother, plumper and more radiant.

Texture: Thick fluid

Content Colour: Transparent

Content: 30ml

Price: EVE LOM Intense Hydrating Serum is selling at RM405

Availability: EVE LOM is available in Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson One Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza.

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