Aroma Necklace with Alqvimia Bergamot and Open Mind Essential Oil Review

Hi, how are you today? Do you like essential oil? I began to love essential oil more and more each day. Its has therapeutic purposes, kicks away the anxiety and makes me stay happy. I tried various types and brands of aromatherapy oil

Recently, Heavenly Spa introduced me to this Alqvimia Essential Oil is from Spain, it is pure and natural. Essential oils are the purest essences of plants, when used in everyday life, these essences provide extremely beneficial properties for the body and act in a holistic manner, treating the body mind and the soul.

Earlier I have shared about the Aroma Necklace Aroma Necklace is not an Ordinary Piece of Accessory in my blog. Yes, started to use the different of types of Alqvimia Essential Oil in my Aroma Necklace. Just pump in a little bit of Essential Oil into the Aroma Glass Ball, maximum should be three quarter full. The essential oil will not spill out from the Aroma Ball. Each time I pumped the aroma of this will last for about 2 weeks.

I can have aromatherapy with me where ever I go, helps to comfort, invigorates and soothes me depends on the essential oil that I use. Every time I wear this lovely Aroma Necklace I can smell the aroma be it its bergamot, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus and etc. So whenever I am tired I just sniff sniff my pendant… hahaha

Aroma Necklace with Alqvimia Bergamot
Bergamot Essential Oil has the function of enhancing happiness and harmony. After wearing the Aroma Necklace with this essential oil I feel that I don’t get agitated and stressed out so easily especially when there are some nonsense people trying to provoke me or stuck in the traffic jam. More happy and relax and I like the soothing bergamot scent.

Aroma Necklace with Alqvimia Open Mind Essential Oil
The function of Open Mind aromatherapy blend is to purify the mind and soul. Calm the emotion and anxiety. Plus create a peaceful atmosphere or mood to helps in meditation. Open Mind is a special blend that contains of a few essential oil such as lemon, orange, sandalwood, frankincense and myrth. I actually prefer this Open Mind aromatherapy blend compared to the Bergamot. I would say that this Open Mind blend helps to enhance inner calm and self control. It gives me concentration and focus.

There are many types of Alqvimia Essential Oil that I would like to try such as Forget Me Not Aromatherapy Blend, For Melancholy Aromatherapy Blend and Comforting Consolation Aromatherapy Blend.  

There are a few colors of Aroma Glass Balls available. You can purchase the additional glass ball at RM 30 each. The chain length is 11.5 inches (exclude the pendant). Each Aroma Necklace comes with an aroma glass ball at RM200 each. The Alqvimia Essential Oil is sold separately. All these are available at Heavenly Spa, Taipan USJ.

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