O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask Review

O'slee Rosehip Whitening Mask

This O'slee Rosehip Whitening Mask is for brightening and hydration purposes. The first 2 minutes after I put this O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask on my face, I could feel like a little bit stinging my eyes and slight sensation. After a while is ok, I think could be the essence. Immediately after the mask I can see my skin is brighter and glowing. 

O'slee Rosehip Whitening Mask contains with Rosehip Extracts and Papain, whitens your skin, eliminate imperfections sooner than ever. The mask also eliminates all freckles and blemishes at ultra speed. It provides rich moisture to skin and give crystalline, porcelain-like complexion than ever.

Overall, this is an affordable mask and has the effect of hydration and gradual brightening. I can only see my dark spots becoming less visible after the 4th mask. If you use 1 time maybe you can only feel the hydration. 

Usage: Gently place the mask over your face after thorough cleansing and toning. Remove the mask after 15mins or 20mins, gently apply the remaining serum onto your shin apply 2 r 3 times for maximum result. 

Content: 5 pieces in 1 Box

Price: RM 39.90 for 5 pcs

Availability: Exclusive at Guardian and O’slee Malaysia Website http://www.oslee.com.my

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