KATE Spring Summer 2013 Makeup: Get Onto The Gold Fever

Get Onto The Gold Fever with KATE

Experience the 24K GOLD RUSH for Spring / Summer 2013 with KATE. Now we can have 24K Gold on our eyes so ladies start to show off your DIVAlicious. I love those bling-bling, shimmering and shinny makeup ~ feels like a DIVA.

Trendy Colours for Spring / Summer 2013 

Gold has always being a luxurious, glamorous and gorgeous. It blends well into Asian skin tone to create healthy looking eyes and goes well with any colors. For Spring and Summer 2013, KATE is proposing shiny, high-impact yet sophisticated shimmer eye makeup created by combining various shades with gold.

Makeup Demo using KATE Goldish Eyes Colours

KATE Goldish Eyes Gold #GD-1

KATE Goldish Eyes
For eyes that shine and shimmer with the most luxurious gold effect, GOLDISH EYES from KATE is in for Spring and Summer 2013 season. Inspired by the latest beauty trend, eyes are washed with a high-impact and captivating gold shine.

KATE Goldish Eyes Gold #GD-1 Color Swatch

KATE Goldish Eyes contains two unique gold pearl powders – Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. Combined in a beautiful eyeshadow palette, the two powders create a gorgeous shimmer that is glamorous and sophisticated. KATE GOLDISH EYES blends well with all skin tones to create stunning eyes.

KATE Goldish Eye Application Steps 

KATE Goldish Eye in 4 Shades: Gold, Pink, Blue and White

KATE Goldish Eyes RM49 available in 4 beautiful goldish shades, Gold #GD-1, Pink #PK-1, Blue #BU-1 and White #WT-1. KATE Goldish Eyes will be available in the market beginning of May 2013

KATE Slim Gel Pencil in Deep Black #BK-1 and Natural Brown #BR-1

KATE Slim Gel Pencil
Use eyeliner to enhance the eyes. KATE Slim Gel Pencil RM44 available in 2 colours, Deep Black #BK-1 and Natural Brown #BR-1. Available in the market beginning of May 2013. 

KATE Slim Gel Pencil in Deep Black #BK-1 and Natural Brown #BR-1 Colour Swatch

The unique of this KATE Slim Gel Pencil
Special pencil holder for creating fine and smooth lines, this gel pencil can be twisted in increments of 0.07mm. Please take note that the pencil cannot be twisted down so you just twist once if not enough then twist again.
Strong coloration, the gel pencil contains black pearl, realizing a gel like luster and a very dark black.
Fade resistant gel formula, contains water repelling pigments so its water resistance.

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner Pink PK-1

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner
A gel eyeliner to make the lower eyelids look full and plump in a single stroke for a larger and more captivating eyes. 

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner Pink PK-1 Color Swatch

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner Application Steps

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner RM44 available in 2 colours, Pink #PK-1 (for strongly contoured lower eyelids) and Beige #BE-1 (for naturally full lower eyelids). Available in the market beginning of May 2013.

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