Shopping Spree at HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza and HK Station Lookbook

Hello Wednesday! This morning traffic to work was quite smooth, wonder why? Well, its school holiday this week so I expect the traffic to ease a little therefore I can run errands or go shopping in KL again.

Wah! Have you been to HK Station? I mean the HK Station in Sungei Wang Plaza. You can catch the lift to Level 6 from Yellow or Orange Zone. Check it out!

Let’s talk about shopping in KL, just last week I went shopping with my girlfriends at HK Station on Level 6 in Sungai Wang Plaza. Seee… so many things there.

There are boutiques which sell nice dresses and may more that suitable for parties, dinners, working and also casual. The prices there are really awesome and reasonable. There are plenty of fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, toys, hobbies, leisure and entertainment, food and beverages, gifts, souvenirs, sundries, services, beauty and health at HK Station.

That day, I got a few dresses and accessories = happy. The blue elegant maxi dress only RM29.00 from Me & Fashion House and this cream lacey party dress from Volver I got it for only RM89.90 plus the peach color belt only RM20. 

HK Station has put together Lookbook to showcase all the cool stuff that you can get. So many different styles you can get for under RM200 in HK Station. Shopping there was fun. There are lots of interesting stuff and super affordable. Guess what? all the looks here were put together with under RM200. You can check it out here

Oh! By the way, I have participate in HK Station My Favourite Look Campaign. Please vote for me at this link
Well, if you vote you also stand a chance to win RM100 
HK Station shopping voucher. Thanks dearies…

HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza
Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun (10:00 - 22:00)
Tel: 03-2117 0288

HK Station Facebook Page


  1. Wow. I haven't been to the HK Station yet. Looks interesting. I'll go check it out sometime. =)

    1. there are lots of trendy clothes at a very affordable price over there


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