Nike Football FC247 Collection is Designed for Football, Anytime and In Any Place

“Football is the biggest sport on the planet. It’s enjoyed at almost any time and in any place, and in today’s world that accessibility is vital. As the global population increases, spaces to play 11-a-side are more difficult to come by. We’ve seen a huge increase in players playing more small-sided games, because it’s that much easier to access.” said Phil McCartney, Nike Football, VP of Football Footwear.

Those insights guided Nike to create FC247 a new range of football performance and street footwear that reflects the variety of surfaces the game can be played on and design innovations specific to each playing style. It was during athlete feedback sessions that some of the world’s best players helped guide Phil McCartney’s team.

Wayne Rooney in Nike Bomba Finale II

“Playing five-a-side as a kid was a massive part of my development. It improved my control, speed, awareness and vision so much. We still play versions of it in training”. said Wayne Rooney.

Andres Iniesta in Nike Elastico Finale II

“If I had more free time, I would like to train more with my colleagues of the futsal team. Futsal helps my ball control in tighter spaces.” added Andres Iniesta.

Neymar in Nike Lunar Gato II

“For Brasilians the street is where you learn to play football. You can see it in the way we move, our first touch, our ability to control and move the ball at speed.” said Neymar.

“This type of athlete feedback was vital in the design process. Fast tempo matches with limited space demand instinctive touch and control with split second decision-making – skills that translate to the elite level of the sport. Those feedback sessions had a huge impact on the products we created” added McCartney.

Three new footwear shoes, Nike Bomba Finale II, Nike Elastico Finale II and Nike Lunar Gato II provide design innovation to allow players the chance to amplify their skills on specific surfaces. Each shoe is created to provide a balance of speed, control, comfort and precision based on specific court surfaces. All three shoes feature new outsoles that house a flexible groove along the first metatarsal that helps free up that part of the foot allowing a quicker first-step to improve agility in tights spaces.

Nike Bomba Finale II

The Bomba Finale II, in a striking orange and black colorway, boasts 27% less components than its predecessor creating softer and more flexible shoe that is also 10% lighter than the previous version. Conical studs for quick rotation help aid the rapid turns made in small-sided games while oblong studs help provide excellent traction and stability on the turf.

The Bomba Finale II along with the Elastico Finale II are both equipped with new ‘NIKESKIN’ technology, a Poly Urethane skin layered over a performance mesh making the shoe lighter and thinner than its predecessor, creating a closer, stitch-free fit. The mesh geometry meanwhile combines with one seamless vamp, aiding closer ball control. In addition, the Nike Bomba Finale II features Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) for consistent ball control in dry and wet conditions.

Nike Elastico Finale II

A dynamic green design marks out the Elastico Finale II, which features 39% less components than its predecessor and is also 22% lighter than the previous shoe. The more flexible outersole, designed for hard-court surfaces, features a herringbone and dot design to help maximize traction and improve underfoot ball control. The Elastico Finale II also features a breathable perforated upper and heel, and a redesigned eyestay to optimize comfort and feel.

Nike Lunar Gato II

The Lunar Gato II, launching in a distinctive blue and yellow, is a product designed for a fast and dynamic game on all surfaces. Featuring 33% less components than it’s predecessor, it is also 16% lighter. The supple leather used on the upper improves the ball-to-foot feel. The soft and supple leather also eliminates a break-in period while a contoured sock liner helps gives an anatomical fit.

Fused mesh panels lock down the mid-foot helping maximize lateral support and gives the Lunar Gato II a fine balance of lightweight and comfort. The new Nike Lunar Gato II (RM309), Nike Bomba Finale II (RM359) and Nike Elastico Finale II (RM359 will be available at all Nike retail outlet stores from April onwards.

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