Pita Oceana, Ultimate Dive Watch

Pita Oceana DCL Watch

Water resistant up to 5000 meters, a watch capable of this can easily be called the ultimate dive watch. Pita, an innovative Spanish watch brand, made this ultimate dive watch. The Pita Oceana. Pita Barcelona is Aniceto JimĂ©nez Pita’s watch brand. Aniceto Pita (1947) is a self-taught watchmaker who has been passionate about watches since his childhood. At age 11 he made his first clock and in 1971 he opened his first clock shop in Barcelona. Starting in 1990 Aniceto started developping his own time setting mechanism (Pita-TSM), which was patented in 2003.

Water resistance is most influenced by the weak spots of the watch case, like the crown, caseback and crystal. These case elements create potential leaks and are usually secured by rubber o-rings. Suppose there’s no caseback or crown. That watch is the Pita Oceana. By using two patented systems, Pita creates a water-entry free case. Without crown and caseback, the Pita Oceana offers water resistance to 5,000 meters. The 43mm case has a 9.8mm thick crystal that is fixated in the case without seals, so there is no need of maintenance.

The rotating bezel has 120 clicks or positions to keep track of the diving time. Furthermore the star-shaped second hand is a chronomatic depth-meter. The points have different colors. Under water some colors can’t be recognized from a certain depth. So based on the color you can’t see anymore you can estimate the depth. Inside the Pita-003 movement is the beating heart. It’s a heavily modified ETA-2678, featuring the two patented systems, to allow setting time under water.

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