Paper Eyelashes, Unique False Eyelashes

Paper Eyelashes

Hi! Wootz! here are all the paper eyelashes that I have. The first time I saw it with my own eyes and touch it with my own fingers, these Paper Eyelashes are really a WOW! It is so pretty and dainty. I find that every piece is an art. Imagine wearing a piece of art on your eyes. 

I came to know about this Paper Eyelashes or so called as Paper Falsies sometime ago on the internet and it was also on Taiwan beauty & makeup tutorial. Yup, the Paper Eyelashes are different from the False Eyelashes that we see in the market. No only the texture and material itself, the designs are unique, dramatic and expressive too. 

 the Garden of Rose

i love this pair Birds & Cherry Blossom so spring 

These Paper Eyelashes is best for functions, parties or photo shoot, if you choose a more dramatic and expressive one the design and art are attention grabber and unique. There are some simpler one also. 

 this pair is unique, makes the eyes look very sharp

Butterfly Paper Eyelashes

Birds Paper Eyelashes

When I showed this Paper Eyelashes to my friends even my guy friends also want to have a pair of them. Oh!! Oh!!! I think the guys just want to keep it as a piece of art or maybe they will wear it too. 

For your information, the prices of the Paper Eyelashes is RM40 per pair for all designs. Cool right! 

For more information check out the Eyeshines Facebook Page 

Paper Eyelashes reviews coming up soon...  


  1. This looks really interestingly awesome :P

    1. Hi Baby Yumiko

      Yah! me too. You can check out more information at their facebook page

      Sunshine Kelly


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