Tips On Finding The Right Barber Shop Chairs

A good barber shop is not only where professionals work, but also where the most comfortable conditions and chairs for customers. Special barber shop chairs make it easier for the barber to work with clients. To do this, manufacturers make an unusual shape of the backs, seats, add height adjusters and footrests. Considerations when choosing the right barber chair include budget, style, and functionality. 

Differences between ordinary chairs and barber shop chairs

The seats of conventional office chairs are always parallel to the floor. This does not allow a person to take the most comfortable position. To fix this, the seat angle of barber stools can be adjusted. To take a comfortable position, it is enough to raise the seat by 13-15 degrees. In this position, the effect of gravity on the spine is reduced. A comfortable position during work will help the barber to relax and fully concentrate on the client. But there are a few more important differences:

the width and depth of the seat (provides greater comfort for the client, who is forced to spend a long time in the chair, sometimes several hours);

back height (for the convenience of the master working with tools, the back should not be higher than the client’s shoulder blades and have a larger angle of inclination compared to ordinary chairs and armchairs in order to avoid stress on the client’s spine);

durability and strength of the material (in the manufacture of a hairdressing chair, durable and strong materials should be used, because each chair is used daily by about ten customers; the upholstery material should not absorb moisture and collect hair particles);

mobility (if necessary, the chair should rotate in different directions, and also, if the client needs to be brought to the sink, which is not equipped with a special seat, the chair must be equipped with wheels and a stopper).

Choosing a Comfortable Barber Chair

Barber shop chairs for sale will provide you with a chair that is comfortable for your customers and fits in with the overall aesthetic of your barber shop. When you organize your barber shop, it is important to choose chairs that are comfortable for your clients, as they will spend a lot of time while you are doing your job, an uncomfortable chair will create an unpleasant experience and they will not want to return. Some factors to consider when buying a barber shop chair:

Component parameters. So that the client can completely relax in the chair, and the master can do his job efficiently, it is necessary to examine the hairdressing chair literally in parts. Backs, armrests, seats, footrests deserve special attention. A standard hairdressing chair has a back no higher than the client's shoulder blades. This is a necessary condition for the wizards to work properly. The chair can have both a stationary and a movable back. The angle of inclination of the movable backrest changes depending on the posture of the client. In some chairs, vibration massagers are built into the backs. Ideal armrests should be ergonomic so that the client can comfortably place and relax their hands on them. Another important element of the chair is the footrest: it is needed so that the client's legs do not get numb during long hairdressing procedures, especially when lifting the chair seat.

Barber chair material. Many people choose chairs with faux leather upholstery. It is several times stronger than natural material, and is cheaper. Once upon a time, artificial leather was considered a cheap equivalent of natural leather. Production was just in its infancy, so low quality is a completely understandable phenomenon. Now production has improved: high-quality equipment, new technologies have appeared, manufacturers have taken into account old mistakes thanks to new knowledge in the field of polymeric materials. The artificial leather on the chairs is indistinguishable from the real one. And due to the fact that it is stronger, the upholstery of the chair cannot be accidentally damaged.

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