What Help and Support Are You Entitled to If You're Injured at Work?

No matter where you work, whether it is a construction site or an office desk job, you are entitled to certain liberties if you get injured while you are on the job. However, many people do not know their rights and often only find out about them whenever they get hurt on the job site. 

What Help and Support Are You Entitled to If You're Injured at Work?
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In order to make sure that you don’t start learning about your workplace rights right whenever you need them the most, we are going to break them down for you.

First, every single state has workers’ compensation insurance that outlines what gets paid for in the event of an accident. This includes paid leave, medical bill coverage, and other forms of compensation by the workplace for the workers. 

However, sometimes the workers’ compensation is not enough, or even worse, the injury you suffered in the workplace was caused by the negligence of either a fellow employee or your employer. 

In that case, you might need to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are getting the most support for your workplace injury.

Consult an Expert Personal Injury Attorney in Your Area, e.g. Philadelphia

If you want to pursue your work injury in a court of law, then you need to hire an expert personal injury attorney. An attorney who will look at all the facts of the case and can help to prove that your injury was caused by a negligent breach of your standard of care, and that the injury could have been avoided.

Proving negligence can be very difficult, so working with an expert lawyer can be very helpful in getting you the cash you need to pay your medical bills. 

In order to find the right Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, you need to find a company that will fight for you and has experience with a personal injury case. Then they can help you recover from your workplace injury and get you back on your feet and back on the job. 

You Are Entitled To Medical Benefits

An employee of the workplace has access to medical benefits that can cover the costs associated with medical expenses, surgery, medical transportation, and other fees that are made necessary due to the injury. Additionally, if you need a wheelchair or another tool due to the injury, that can be covered as well.

If the injury is so severe that you have a medical disability due to it, and can no longer work, then you can be covered under disability benefits, which work for both temporary and permanent disabilities. These give the compensation to you in order to replace the wages that you have lost while being unable to work.

If you only have a temporary disability, then your benefits will cover the expected time period that it takes for you to heal and recover to a point where you can come back to work. However, if you are permanently disabled by a workplace injury, you can receive a permanent disability settlement.

You Are Entitled To File A Claim

If you know that your injury was caused by someone or by the negligence of your employer, then you can file a personal injury claim against them to gain some extra coverage for your expenses. 

In order for this to work in court, you need to be able to prove that the injury was caused by negligence and that there was a way that your injury could have been prevented if your employer had not breached their duty of care.

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