Tips to Declutter & Organize Your Silverware Drawer

The kitchen is a chaotic mess when you walk in with your hip pushed against the silverware drawer. It slides open because it's filled to capacity and takes 30 seconds of table utensil Tetris for this chaos-inhaling obstacle course that we call life!

Tips to Declutter & Organize Your Silverware Drawer

Organizing drawer

If you're sticking with the traditional silverware drawer instead of other storage methods, there are proven steps to get things organized. The key is in knowing where each item goes and then organizing them accordingly so it's easy for you when cooking or cleaning up after dinner!

  • Start to decide what stays and goes. If you haven’t used a specific utensil in awhile then maybe it doesn't need to be kept at home! Maybe the rarely-used or never touched items can find their new call spot somewhere else around your kitchen?
  • Drawer liners can be a life saver! Put one under your silverware drawer organizer to keep it from sliding when you open or shut the drawer quickly. Consider giving this handy item an extra rinse if there are dust bunnies on its surface, but make sure that once dry it goes right back into place for good measure- because who wants their kitchen looking like something is living inside?
  • Now that you have determined how many spoons, forks and knives will be needed for your family's dinner party guests it is time to count them. If there are dishwashers in the house then just multiply this number by two or three but if not do not forget about their hand-washing needs!
  • The first step of any good meal requires preparing food on Plate Number One (or more). After gathering all ingredients necessary from fridge storage compartments--including meat cut into pieces; veggies chopped up nicely so they're easy chewing size bits!--places setting out serving dishes at each place setting along with utensils suited best based off appetites.

Guests are always a joy, but if you're planning on inviting them often it might be worth investing in some extra cutlery. You can never have too many knives or forks!

Modern organization tips

1. You're not limited to one type of container for your silverware! Think outside the box with storage solutions like jars, old glasses and dividers. You'll find it easier than ever before - plus no more loud clanking when you open or close drawers because they don't make so much noise anymore thanks to plastic cups.

2. Put a dozen spoons, forks and knives in the jars so you can grab them on your way from kitchen to porch.

3. Keep your kitchen organized and uncluttered with a dedicated Cubby for silverware. This small, yet efficient storage space will keep you knife-free while cooking or prepping food in the corner of this room where children are less likely to get into mischief!

Silverware organization method 

The way you set your table is important. Why not organize silverware in a formal setting? To do this, put all of the cutlery from left to right as follows: butter knives and forks on one side; spoons across another with any larger serving pieces such as cereal bowls or sections off soup/stew pots at ends rather than middle where they can get lost among other things stored low atop one another—a practice known widely around these parts.

So there you have it, our tips to declutter and organize your silverware drawer (written with Royal Craft Wood). It really is a quick and easy process that can make a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Have you tried any of these methods before? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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